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Bad Relationships: Can They Be Fixed?

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Is it possible for bad relationships to be fixed? In many cases, yet. Is there a point where bad relationships can never be fixed? Definitely. Bad relationships can be fixed, it both parties are willing and able to make positive changes. It can’t always be one person undoing the damage or being the only one working on the problems.

You may love one another and still have a bad relationship. You may think love will get you through the rough times. Not necessarily so. Even couples who love one another deeply need to wake up to reality. The fact is, that love can turn to hate and never turn back again. Because there is a point of no return, the point in bad relationships where fixing it becomes impossible.

It is unfortunate that so many couples find out too late that they have taken their relationship to the place where it cannot be fixed. They stay together, hoping for some miracle, when they would be better off doing something different. They can either seek professional help, or try new methods instead of the same ones that don’t work. If they both took an active role in making their broken relationship fixed earlier on, they could have had positive results. So if your bad relationship needs to be fixed, the time is now to get on track.

Bad Relationships: Can They Be Fixed?

Bad Relationships: Can They Be Fixed?

So where do you begin? Well, start simple. Make your own list of what you believe needs to be fixed in your relationship. Once you have that done, look at what some underlying issues are. Sure, you guys keep arguing, but when did it start? What is the argument really about? Are you or your partner really mad about something today? Or could it be a bigger, or older unresolved issue that is causing the current daily sniping?

Because that is the real issue that needs to be fixed for bad relationships to get better. Without addressing those grudges either of you may be holding, you can forget things improving. Any small issue becomes a bigger problem down the line. They don’t disappear. People don’t always get over things or let them go. What began as one issue, now becomes a new negative daily dynamic between the two of you. You cause more damage, and as the anger and fighting grow, the love, nurturing and intimacy diminish.

Bad relationships are like a house with a leaky roof. The roof is the first problem. If the roof isn’t fixed the ceiling begins to leak. If the roof still isn’t fixed, then eventually the water leaks from the ceiling onto the floor below. And so on and so on. Eventually the house has much greater damage that could have stopped if the problem with the roof is addressed quickly. If not, more and more damage down the line. The same applies in relationships. Any good relationship that avoids the real issues as they come up, incurs further damage down the line. Then that good relationship has become a bad relationship. And just like a house, it can eventually become uninhabitable.

Sarah Adelle

Sarah is a Certified Relationship Life Coach and Soulmate ~ Twin Flame expert with 20+ years experience helping clients around the world live the life and have the relationship they desire. Sarah is here to empower you to see the truth in your situation, not enable you to remain in a place that keeps you stuck and unhappy. Sarah will lift you to see the reality of your situation, providing guidance to see you through it. She will also help you get control of your relationship, if it can be saved, so you have can the relationship you have hoped for. Sarah co-hosts two weekly radio shows, primarily geared toward relationship issues, called Empower Enlighten Envision on Weds nights on BlogTalkRadio as well as CBS NewSkyRadio.

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