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Expose a Cheating Boyfriend or Husband?

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Should you expose a cheating boyfriend or husband if you find out they are with someone else? For example, while out on a window-shopping expedition at the local mall, you spot a close friend’s husband or boyfriend with another woman. You stop dead in your tracks thinking “Who the hell is that b*tch?” and decide to watch the two of them for a while to see what, if anything is going on. And then you see it…they are holding hands, kissing, and you know that he is indeed cheating on your friend. Now what do you do?
Do you confront the two of them right there and then, insisting he confess to your friend, or you will tell her everything? Or should you immediately call your friend and tell her everything you just saw?

Expose a Cheating Boyfriend or Husband

Expose a Cheating Boyfriend or Husband

It would be great if you are able to take some photos of the two of them with your cell phone, but only if you can do it without them seeing you (obviously).
The next thing you need to do is take a moment to think about it. You may want to tell your friend right away, but this could be the worst news she has ever gotten in her life. Before you dial that phone, remember you don’t know where she is and she does not need to hear this from you while at her child’s school play.

When and where she gets this news is important. If you decide you are going to tell her, tell her in person. Bring the evidence you have with you. Don’t do it in a public place while you are having lunch. Give her some privacy to take in this news and react. Don’t start telling her what she needs to do, how she should feel, etc. Just be there to support her.

Keep in mind she may want to shoot the messenger. Many women have lost friends and family members because they exposed a cheater. They may forgive the cheater, but not the person who exposed the cheating. It makes no sense, but it happens more than you would think. You could wind up being the bad guy when all you did is tell the truth. But remember, the truth hurts sometimes.

Sometimes a woman may feel foolish because she gives her boyfriend or spouse another chance and will feel embarrassed around you. If she decides to do this she may very well cut you off. Her boyfriend or husband may tell her a condition of working it out means you have to be cut off. (Remember, he is most likely going to hate you for exposing his secret). Also, she may forgive him, but you may not. This can cause a lot of friction between you and your friend. What if it is a family member? Family gatherings will now be uncomfortable or hostile.

So, what should you do? After you have really thought it over and really feel you cannot live with the guilt of keeping it to yourself, why not tell her anonymously? Send her the pictures (if you have them) and describe the incident in a letter and then leave it up to fate? Whatever she does with the information you gave her is up to her, and you will at least have a clear conscience.


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