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If He Wants To Leave You, Let Him

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Many women have found themselves in the position of having been dumped.  He might have left because of another woman, because he wants his freedom or just because he is an asshole. When he wants to leave you, or does leave you, it may hurt and make you angry. The last thing you should do though is try to change his mind.


If your time together isn’t enough to keep him with you, reminding him about it isn’t going to help. He doesn’t have amnesia, he remembers, it just isn’t a good enough reason for him to stick around.  He knows damn well what a good woman you are and how good he had it with you. He was there with you, wasn’t he? He wasn’t in a coma was he? So why try to sell yourself to a man who isn’t interested in buying?


If He Wants to Leave Let Him

If He Wants to Leave You, Let Him

You may be angry because of all the good things you did for him. If he appreciated them, he would stay. If he deserved all those things he would stay too. But he doesn’t appreciate you and did not deserve all you did for him. That’s why he is leaving. He made himself the most important, and only important part of your relationship, and so did you.


If he found someone else and thinks the grass is greener, don’t try to convince him it is not. If he is stupid enough to throw it all away then don’t bother wasting your pearls of wisdom on an idiot. He should know all that by now.


If he left because you gave him an ultimatum to do right by you then you really need to let the door hit him in the ass on the way out. He proved to you he would rather leave than be a good man to you. What more do you need to know? Why would you try to drag him back? So your needs will never be met by him?


The bottom line is if he wants to leave you, let him go. If you want him back, first let your emotions quiet down and then look at this with logic. What was keeping you two together anyway? You? Money? Was your relationship hanging on by a thread or constantly having problems? If it was, he did you the biggest favor and you should thank him for it. You may not have had the courage to end this one-sided relationship so he did it for you.


What if everything was perfect, and he all of a sudden up and left? Well, everything was perfect up until now. He changed, and you need to accept that he did. If everything was perfect and he still left, there was nothing you could do or can do to keep him.


Let him go, and don’t try to convince him he is making a mistake. If you do, it is you who is making the mistake. You need a man who would never leave, and he is not that man.


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