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Overreacting in Relationships

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Overreacting in relationships can make for more drama than anyone could ever need. When one or both people in a relationship constantly overreact the relationship becomes war, with neither side the real winner. It can be easy to overreact, especially when it triggers a memory from a relationship in your past.
Let’s an ex of yours began talking to his ex while you were together and then broke up with you to go back to her. Now you find out your current boyfriend has been in communication with his ex. You immediately are convinced the same thing is going to happen again. So you call your boyfriend, accuse him of being a lying cheating pig and hang up on him. Now when you find out she contacted him and he told her not to contact him again because he was with you, you feel like an idiot. Now you regret the things you said to your boyfriend in the heat of the moment. Your overreacting has now forced you to apologize because you lashed out at your boyfriend without cause. The scary thing is, when you overreact some people may not accept your apology and just end the relationship.
Overreacting in Relationships

Overreacting in Relationships

Overreacting stems from a lack of control over one’s emotions. Some people may overreact verbally by screaming and saying the most awful cruel things that come to mind. Some people overreact physically, which can be dangerous. Others overreact and feel the need to hold a grudge for some minor offense or plot payback. Whatever the case, overreacting hurts both partners, even if only one of them is doing it.

One way to keep yourself from overreacting is to first take a deep breath and think instead of feel. Ask yourself if it is really worth it to have a huge fight over this. Are you willing to risk your relationship rather than talk about it calmly? And if you don’t know the whole story, don’t write one in your head. Don’t use your imagination to create a scenario for you to overreact to. Find out the whole story first. Communicate properly with the person you love and there should be no excuse to overreact. Give them the benefit of the doubt instead of jumping to conclusions or assuming the worst. The same thing goes for your partner.
If your boyfriend, husband or whoever has the tendency to overreact don’t think it will just go away with time. You may be tired of walking on eggshells with them already. When someone overreacts all the time you never really know what will set them off. Special occasions and even holidays can be ruined when your partner overreacts. You may have had to apologize to your friends and family when they made an ass out of themselves and embarrassed you as well. You shouldn’t apologize for them anymore. You shouldn’t accept their apology to you right away either.
The next time your partner overreacts remove yourself from their tantrum. Leave the house, the restaurant ,hang up the phone, just whatever you have to do. Then wait them out. Don’t contact them until they are willing to apologize. Tell them they need to get their issues under control or the relationship will end because you have had it. If there was anyone else present make them contact them and apologize to them as well. Overreacting can damage a relationship unnecessarily. Enough happens beyond our control in life, but we can get out reactions under our control. If we don’t, our relationships will spiral out of control.


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