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Rebound Relationships: Leave Rebounds for Sports

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Rebound relationships either start while you are still in a relationship, or quickly after a relationship ends.

Rebound relationships generally don’t last. When you start a new relationship while you are still IN one you have not given yourself any time to get over and get away from your current situation. Some people do not have the strength to leave a relationship and be by themselves. The fear of being alone is too great, no matter how much the relationship sucks. The only way they can leave a relationship is to already be in another one. People who do this actually need more time alone than most people to get over their fears. Their fear of being alone makes them stay in awful relationships way to long. They don’t take the time to find the right relationship because they have to be in one now. They don’t have time to learn lessons from previous relationships because they take no time to reflect on them and keep making the same bad choices. Time alone to heal, look back and examine what went wrong, and doing so alone would really help them in the long run.

rebound relationships

Rebound Relationships: Leave Rebounds for Sports!

Ladies, be careful of any man who recently got out of a relationship, especially if it was a long one. He may swear up one side and down the other that he is totally “over” his last relationship and ready to start another. Don’t believe it. If he has been in a long-term relationship for a long time he may be trying to make up for lost time.

Often men (and women) get into rebound relationships to avoid dealing with the pain of a breakup. Some get involved with a new person to make their ex jealous and sometimes the ex gets jealous even though that was not their intention. When your new guy and his ex are talking again, the will most likely get back together, and you feel used and stupid. Their ego may have taken a hit and they need an ego boost and a new relationship they believe will do just that. Do you want to be someone’s ego boost? You don’t, because after this rebound relationship ends your ego is going to take quite the hit.

What if you meet a guy who has just recently broke up with someone and you really think he is special? What if he just so happens to be your Mr. Right? You don’t want to risk losing an opportunity with him, but you don’t want to be a rebound either. The answer is simple. Be honest. Tell him you are interested in him, but do not want to be anyone’s rebound. Tell him you would like to see him but need to take it slow. You won’t see him more than once a week for the first month and there will be no texting or calling every day either. This gives him some time with you, and some time alone to heal and make sure he has closure. If you likes you, that will be enough.

On a side note, when people are dating, they shouldn’t be calling and texting 8 zillion times a day anyway. Why? Because that is an instant relationship, not dating, and those don’t work.

Rebound relationships are quick fixes, like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. Don’t get in one, don’t stay in one, and don’t start one.


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