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Rebuilding Your Relationship

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If your relationship has been on the rocks, it way be time to consider rebuilding your relationship. You shouldn’t let it get any worse, make a decision to put for the effort needed so you and your partner can begin the process of rebuilding your relationship before it reaches the point of no return. You may both not be ready or willing to rebuild, so you have to wait until you are both on the same page. There are many steps you can take to begin rebuilding your relationship so you both have a healthy, happy relationship again.

10 Ways for Rebuilding Your Relationship

  1. A great way to start rebuilding relationships is by both expressing your desire to put in the work to fix it. You will both then feel you are in it together and that it is important to both of you. It is a positive step to begin with.
  2. Another great step is to make a pact not to complain to each other, or about each other, for an entire week. Instead, each day for that week do one nice thoughtful thing for the other. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, simply making your partner a cup of coffee before they wake up will do. When rebuilding, it is important to change your attitude. You both need to get back in the habit of treating one another special, and with love, instead of with negativity.
  3. Communication is key to any relationship but even more so when rebuilding your relationship. Now is the time to lay off the sarcasm and the jokes. Now is not the time to be funny. Instead of communicating through text, make a phone call and actually speak to each other. It can do wonders to bridge the distance that has been created. Lay off the insults, don’t nag, and watch your tone. Think about how you are talking to your loved one. Like someone who loves them, or someone barking orders at them?

    Rebuilding Your Relationship

    Rebuilding Your Relationship

  4. Another really important way for rebuilding your relationship is to apologize when you are wrong. Admit your mistakes or whatever you did wrong. Apologize, and be sincere and don’t wait days to do it. It won’t kill you to say you are sorry quickly, and it will do wonders towards rebuilding your relationship. If you are on the receiving end of the apology, be quick to accept and let go. Tell them you accept their apology and thank them for offering it.
  5. Think of one another as friends for the time being and treat each other that as a friend. Would you speak to your friend they way you are speaking to your loved one? If you did would you expect them to still be your friend? If not, you know what you have to work on. Look at how you are treating your loved one. Do you treat your friends better than them? If you do, you seriously need to make a change because that is wrong. Would you criticize and get on your friends backs the way you do your loved one? If not, why do you think you can get away with it and still have a good relationship? You can’t, so there is another change for you. Treat them like you would a friend, not an enemy.
  6. Make time with your loved one while rebuilding. Find time to eat meals together and have conversations. Nothing heavy, keep it light, as this is safe for right now. Pick something fun to do with each other like seeing a comedy show or anything else that could make you laugh and get rid of some tension. It’s good for you both to see one another happy while you are together, and to see the other person smile for a change.
  7. Don’t focus on your romantic partner’s progress while rebuilding. Focus on your own. Don’t compare your progress to theirs. Each one of you has to focus on themselves and then they can be there for the other one. Each person moves at a different pace, so be respectful of that.
  8. Both partners need to write two lists when rebuilding your relationship. One list should be a list of changes they are looking for from their partner. Again, turn down the sarcasm and don’t be insulting. The other list would be the thinks you love and admire about your partner. At some point both lists should be discussed and it may be best to start with the positive one first. This can help make both partners more agreeable when listening to the latter.
  9. Another great way of rebuilding relationships is to seek outside professional help. A neutral party that has dealt with the same issues you have can be a big help. They can help you find other ways of speaking, behaving, and diffusing difficulties.
  10. When you are in the process of rebuilding your relationship, honesty is key. Enough of the lies, secrecy, and all that nonsense. Being truthful can also help rebuild any trust that may have been lost. A little lie isn’t worth it, so don’t even try it.

We are sure there are many other ways to rebuild a relationship once it has fallen down. We would really enjoy hearing your thoughts on this and please feel free to share your ideas about rebuilding relationships with us.

Sarah Adelle

Sarah is a Certified Relationship Life Coach and Soulmate ~ Twin Flame expert with 20+ years experience helping clients around the world live the life and have the relationship they desire. Sarah is here to empower you to see the truth in your situation, not enable you to remain in a place that keeps you stuck and unhappy. Sarah will lift you to see the reality of your situation, providing guidance to see you through it. She will also help you get control of your relationship, if it can be saved, so you have can the relationship you have hoped for. Sarah co-hosts two weekly radio shows, primarily geared toward relationship issues, called Empower Enlighten Envision on Weds nights on BlogTalkRadio as well as CBS NewSkyRadio.

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