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Is Your Relationship Meant to Be?

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Many women talk about relationships being “meant to be”. The problem with believing a relationship is meant is that it can be used as an excuse to not end a relationship that is obviously not meant to be. All relationships have their ups and downs, and you should not simply let go of something good for a stupid reason. However, too many women think if a relationship is meant to be, it means they should put up with way too much bullshit, drama and mistreatment. To put in bluntly, the relationship is meant to be OVER.


If a relationship is meant to be, then the couple will weather whatever storms are brought their way. If a relationship is not meant to be, one of the two is BRINGING the drama INTO the relationship. If you are meant to be together, please explain why one of you is hell-bent on destroying what you have?


Is Your Relationship Meant to Be?

Is Your Relationship Meant to Be?

Relationships that are meant to be have this mystical connotation to them. It is as if the Universe labelled them as a couple who will make it no matter what. Some women use the “meant to be” concept as an excuse to hold on, rather than letting go. It is impressive when a couple has a good relationship and does not allow life struggles to pull them apart. What is not impressive though is people hanging on to dysfunctional relationships because they refuse to give up even though the same universe is giving them EVERY sign needed to show it is time to throw in the towel.


What worked for us once does not work for us forever. Who we were back then is not who we are now. We have to accept that we change over time and so do the ones we love. Sometimes the changes do not affect our relationships, but sometimes they do.


If your relationship is meant to be, then with a reasonable effort, without sacrificing your dignity, self-respect, morals, values and happiness, it will be. If it is not mean to be, then no matter what you do, it will never be the relationship you want it to, or that you think it was supposed to be.


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Sarah Adelle

Sarah is a Certified Relationship Life Coach and Soulmate ~ Twin Flame expert with 20+ years experience helping clients around the world live the life and have the relationship they desire. Sarah is here to empower you to see the truth in your situation, not enable you to remain in a place that keeps you stuck and unhappy. Sarah will lift you to see the reality of your situation, providing guidance to see you through it. She will also help you get control of your relationship, if it can be saved, so you have can the relationship you have hoped for. Sarah co-hosts two weekly radio shows, primarily geared toward relationship issues, called Empower Enlighten Envision on Weds nights on BlogTalkRadio as well as CBS NewSkyRadio.

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