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What Ever Happened to Real Men?

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The picture I put with this blog really made me think about what ever happened to real men. There used to be a standard men set for themselves and a standard women used to have for them. It seems those standards have been lowered considerably. There was a time when if a man didn’t have a job, the chances he would have a girlfriend were slim to none. There was a time that when a man was married or had a girlfriend he was considered “off-limits”. When married men used to hit on women those ladies found it offensive, rather than flattering. Women used to be attracted to poets, now they will settle for men who cannot even spell. Women used to have a certain criteria that men had to meet in order for them to give them a shot. Now, all a man has to do is buy them a shot at a club.

I believe the lowering of these standards is why there are so many dysfunctional relationships these days. A man used to have to express interest, show their intentions, and prove they were worthy. Only then would women let their guard down and give back.

What Ever Happened to Real Men?

What Ever Happened to Real Men?

Now, a man doesn’t even have to pursue a woman necessarily. Rather than her saying to herself “If this idiot cannot put in any effort to win me, he sure as hell won’t put in the effort to keep me and therefore is not worth my time” she makes excuses for him and puts in the effort herself. What was once considered unacceptable behavior is now accepted. Why? Is it making things better? No, it is making things worse.

If you will accept things that are beneath you, you are lowering your own standards, and therefore lowering your own value. Think about the things you need and deserve in a relationship and from the one you love. If a person cannot and will not give you what you deserve, then why are you with them? Why did you even give them a shot? Because you thought down the line they will someday be able to or will? What you have seen and learned from them should already tell you this is not going to happen, so let the go and find a real man.

What is a real man?

Real men treat their women with respect and dignity. They value both her and the relationship.

Real men support their children financially and emotionally. They are not simply breeders, they are fathers.

Real men have pride. No matter what job they have, they take pride in that job. They would rather have a shitty job than be supported by someone else.

Real men have their priorities in order, and have goals and plans for the future.

Real men put their families first, not their friends.

Real men have responsibilities, and are not irresponsible.

Real men want women that have class and self-respect.

It is not just men who have changed, but women as well. Women need to stop taking it upon themselves to lower their standards and make excuse after excuse. Don’t settle for a man who does not see how special you are. Don’t try to convince a man he should spend time with you, he should want to without having to be asked all the time. Don’t settle for a man who does not have the time to contact you consistently. If he doesn’t have the time for you, why do you have time for him?

Don’t give a man an eternity to decide if he wants a relationship with you. If he doesn’t by now, he most likely never will. Don’t fight over a man with another woman. LET HER HAVE HIM. He should be fighting for YOU. Don’t wait around for a man to choose you, or give you a chance. Give the guy that already made up his mind the chance. Don’t be with a man who is cheating on another woman in order to be with you. Someday you will be her.
There are good men out there, it is time we stopped settling for, making excuses for, and pining for the ones that are not worthy. Set your standards for yourself and the men in your life much higher, starting TODAY.


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