10 Signs He May be Seeing Someone Else

Call it intuition. Something in your relationship feels off. Could he being seeing someone else? What are the signs to look out for if you suspect the man you love may be seeing someone else?

10 Signs He May be Seeing Someone Else

  1. The first sign he may be seeing someone else is a decrease in communication. If he used to call or text you daily but now it’s more like weekly, he may be seeing someone else. Now of course sometimes we get busy with work pressures and communication can slow down. That is not necessarily a sign if communication goes back to normal after a period of time. It is when the communication dwindles and never goes back to your norm. The same goes with face to face communication. You can go through a period where something may be on his mind and he doesn’t feel much like talking or sharing. That may be no big deal. It could be a sign of him seeing someone else if he never really has anything of substance to say for extended periods of time. One word answers (by text or face to face) and a lack of initiating conversation are something to watch out for as well.
  2. Another sign he may be seeing someone else is a lack of interest. Does he ask about your day, your job, you friends or anything personal about you anymore? When you try to talk about your personal life does he engage in the conversation? If the answer to those two questions is “no”, it could be a sign he is seeing someone else.
  3. If you are spending a lot less time together, that could be a sign he is spending time with someone else. If he doesn’t express his own frustration with the fact he hasn’t seen much of you lately could also be a sign. If he is emotionally distant when you two are together, this could also be a sign he is seeing someone else.
    10 Signs He is Seeing Someone Else

    10 Signs He is Seeing Someone Else

  4. Another sign he may be seeing someone else is that he hard to reach all of a sudden. He used to answer you quickly when you used to text or phoned. But now it takes hours, even days or weeks before you get a response. This could indicate he is seeing someone else. What are his excuses for taking so long to get back to you? Unless he was kidnapped or in jail it may be wise to get suspicious.
  5. If plans with you are always up in the air or never come to fruition, that may be another sign he is seeing someone else. When you try to make plans with him and he always says he will let you know or get back to you, there could be a problem. When you ask him when you can spend time together and he gives you the run around, it may be because his attention is being spent elsewhere. Has he stood you up repeatedly all of a sudden? When you contacted him asking where the hell he is did he pick up the phone or text back? That could indicate he was with someone else and turned his phone off.
  6. Another sign he may be seeing another woman is how he is treating you these days. Is he more argumentative? Does he pick fights all the time now? Are you finding yourself walking on eggshells around him? Is he acting guilty and/or defensive when you ask him a question? Are you afraid to say the wrong thing because he seems to be getting mad for little or no reason? Is he being cold or aloof? These could be real warning signs that he is seeing someone else.
  7. If he has asked for a break from your relationship, it may be because he is seeing someone else. He may not have the heart to break up with you outright. He may also want to see if his new romance stands a chance before he kicks you to the curb. You may be his “back up plan” if things don’t work out with his new love interest. If he asks for time to be alone, and I am not talking 48 hours or less, that could be a strong sign too. He could be looking to spend time with her without arousing your suspicion.
  8. Has your sex life changed in a big way, and not for the better? Has he been less affectionate? Has he initiated sex a lot less? Does he turn you down quite a bit when you initiate sex? Has the sex itself gone downhill? This is another indicator he may be seeing someone else.
  9. Has he become much more sneaky lately? Have you caught him in lies recently? Is he being more secretive? This kind of behavior is also a sign he may be seeing someone else. If he won’t let you look at his phone anymore, changed all his passwords all of a sudden, or is demanding more privacy there is something he is trying to hide, that’s for sure.
  10. If he won’t talk about your future or make future plans, it may be a sign he doesn’t expect to be with you in the future. He may be thinking of a future with someone else.

Now these signs don’t always indicate that he is seeing someone else. But, if you are seeing several of these signs in your relationship, it is important enough for you to investigate further.

Sarah Adelle

Sarah is a Certified Relationship Life Coach and Soulmate ~ Twin Flame expert with 20+ years experience helping clients around the world live the life and have the relationship they desire. Sarah is here to empower you to see the truth in your situation, not enable you to remain in a place that keeps you stuck and unhappy. Sarah will lift you to see the reality of your situation, providing guidance to see you through it. She will also help you get control of your relationship, if it can be saved, so you have can the relationship you have hoped for. Sarah co-hosts two weekly radio shows, primarily geared toward relationship issues, called Empower Enlighten Envision on Weds nights on BlogTalkRadio as well as CBS NewSkyRadio. 


  11 comments for “10 Signs He May be Seeing Someone Else

  1. my boyfriend dumped me & only said i worry too much for a girlfriend. we could be friends and hang out.he doesn’t respond on messenger. he said he was waiting til marriage for sex,but I think he’s having it with someone. how can I get over him?

    • Stop trying to be his friend, first of all. Stop trying to contact him as well. Let it go so you can move on.

  2. I’ve tried to the point of tears to explain to my Boyfriend how it feels for me to witness him flirting and smacking another woman’s bottom. He sees it as a joke and that it’s playful banter between mates, but to me mates or not it makes no difference. To me, when he smacks them with the same hand that’s held and touched me i feel betrayed. He ignores me and continue to do it. Am i right or wrong to feel like this?

  3. Yep my partner did that to me like he would push me away. When I sit down to watch tv and I try to cuddle with him. Another one he wouldnt look at me when I talk to him.

  4. I with my boyfriend for 11 years and all what he can say he not seeing no other woman .when I am not at home he have a woman comeing at my home when I am there she never come at my home what he want me to think about he and her

  5. He fits every sign…wow…good for him….how he has treated me…I can’t wait till Carma catches up with his sneakey cheating lying excuses. I sure hope it happens soon…good riddance loser… He can be her problem now…cuz if he can do that to me…what makes her think he won’t do it to her eventually…once a cheater …always a cheater…ha! His b.s. will catch up to both of them …n I’ll leave it up to Carma to take care of him n her…cuz he is not my stress or problem anymore…our relationship never went anywhere…good for them if they think they will…even though he didn’t have the balls to tell me…he only made sure that everything was my fault…just to justify his guilt…I caught his play for sometime..and I see he was never gonna tell me…but actions speak louder than words

    • This is me right now, I can relate to every word u say here , I hope you’re doing better now , unfortunately for me I have to go over the process again and again , each time he cheated on me I would take him back until I start hating myself and hating to Be around his family knowing they all knew the truth , he was married and I took him back ever couple months he’s with a girl cheating lying never telling me I have to be embarrassed and find out about him beofre I confront him

  6. I m confused. I spend all the time with my man even when he asks to be alone. He says he loves me but stays on the phone. He gets angry if i ask to see his phone. I told him to let me know if he is interested in someone else and i ll cut off all communication with him but he leeps on saying he loves me and wants me. But he wouldn t go out with me and stays on his phone and also gets angry if i want to see his phone

    • My ex bf of 7yrs was doing that on the last months we were together. At the end he finally was letting me see his phone but only cuz he got a second phone that I didn’t know about . It turned out he was cheating on me . I use to go on these websites to show me signs and I would tell him that he had all the signs of cheating and he would just tell me I was crazy . What a liar all the signs were right on it

      • My husband keeps in contact during times of the day but lately he has been lack of interest with us going any where not even sexual with me . What do you think I should say I have asked several times I should not have to beg my spouse to be with me right

        • Right.. im dealing with the same thing.. my man of 4 years .lately he has been so snappy.. and hardly answers the phone when hes at work..

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