Office Crush: Go For it or Avoid it?

Have you ever had an office crush, or do you have an office crush right now? There could be a woman or a man at your job that you find very attractive. You enjoy working with them, joking with them, and even flirting with them. It seems like they like you, but nothing has happened yet. You go out to clubs, tried online dating, and have been set up by your friends but nothing has gotten your attention like the man or woman from work has.

You wonder if they think about you after work or on weekends like you think of them. You wonder if they are dating anyone and if they wonder if you are dating anyone. You are curious and want to know if they are as excited to come to work and see you just like you are to see them. You go to work every day and think to yourself “Today just might be the day they ask me out”, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. You are starting to think it never will. You may be getting frustrated because they HAVEN’T asked you out and you wonder what the hell are they waiting for?

Are they just flirting with you but don’t plan on doing anything about it? Can’t they tell that you would say yes if they did ask you out? What more do you have to do to get them to take the next step because you have run out ideas?!

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Office Crush: Should You Go for It or Avoid it?

Is your office crush dating, engaged or married to someone else? Is this just a fantasy in your head that is never going to come to fruition?

It’s hard waiting to see what will happen, but during that time ask yourself if this is a really good idea. Could you get into any trouble if you get into a work romance? What will happen if it ends? (Especially if it ends badly) Is there any company policy in place that forbids employee relationships? Ask yourself it is worth the risk of possibly losing your job. Before you take a work relationship and make it a personal one, make sure you feel it is worth the possible consequences. You only know him at work, and how he “seems” may not be how he really is. You do not know how he lives, how he treats women, and if there is anyone in his life. You need to get to know how he would be as a boyfriend, not as a co-worker. You may have a picture in your head of what he would be like as a boyfriend, but you don’t know for sure. A good co-worker does not necessarily make a good boyfriend.

Sometimes flirting is just that, and all they want to do. If they flirt, it doesn’t mean they want to go out with you, it means they want to flirt with you. If they want to ask you out or are ready to, they will. Of course women don’t want to wait and see so they may ask him out on their own. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Quite often a co-worker won’t ask you out because he has a good reason, and pushing the envelope could get your rejected when if you waited, they would have asked you out. And focus not only of how could it be, but how uncomfortable the workplace would be for you if it ended badly. Are you ready to lose a boyfriend and want to quit your job at the same time?
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