How Can He Chase YOU, If You are Chasing Him?

Do you want him to chase you? Men love the thrill of the chase. It is like hunting. They buy the right gun, gear, safety orange jumpsuit and pack it all up to go and get their prey. They can wait hours on end, sitting in a tree, freezing  their butts off just for the chance to get the elusive *insert animal name*. They feel a sense of accomplishment, after putting in the time and effort, at accomplishing what they came for.

They will brag about it to their friends for years on end, and feel very proud of themselves. Quite often they mount their prey on a wall to remind them of that victory. Men love the thrill of the chase, they want to go out and conquer and if you are the one conquering him, he could get bored very quickly.

do you want him to chase you

How Can He Chase You, If You are Chasing HIM?

Now none of us women want to be mounted on a wall or stalked by a guy in a safety orange jumpsuit holding a gun, but we have to look at the the way men hunt an animal similar to the way they try and “get” a woman.  Do you wonder why your guy is not chasing you? Then take a good look at what you may or may not be doing first. If a man was hunting but the animals kept running after him, sure, he would shoot them, but he wouldn’t feel the same euphoria if he was the one who did the work. Are you letting him do the work, or are you doing it for him? How can he chase you if you are running after him?

You may use the excuses that you are impatient and tired of waiting, or that he may be “shy” or “nervous” and you want to help him out. Well, you aren’t helping him out. You aren’t helping yourself out really either. You are showing him that you are easily obtained. And you are lowering your value to him at the same time.

Did you ever notice the women that do not want to be chased are the ones being chased? They are standing still, rigidly, while the guy works tirelessly to get her to budge. If he finally wins her over (note the word “wins”) he feel like he did win something. She is a prize in his eyes. Are you a prize to be won, or are you making him be the prize that you win? Only one of you gets to be the prize.

For some reason, women want to do all the work for the man, then complain that he isn’t putting forth an effort. Why should he? You already did all the heavy lifting, he knows you can do it yourself, so why bother?

Set the patterns right from the beginning, because going about and trying to change them later can be a real challenge (if not impossible). If a guy won’t put an effort into getting you, he most likely won’t put an effort into keeping you either. So if you want to keep chasing after men, don’t expect them to take over the pursuit from you.


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