Is Jealousy Ruining Your Relationship?

It is completely normal to want to strangle the gorgeous sexy woman who is hogging your man’s attention at a party. Can we blame you for marching right over there and putting your arm around him while giving her the “Bitch, don’t even think about it” look. Nah, not really. Can we blame you for making a snide comment to your man for talking to the gorgeous sexy woman at the party? Again, not really. Now if you go over there and slap him across the face and throw a drink in hers, we have a problem with THAT.

Being jealous is not a bad thing per say, but the things people DO when they get jealous can cause MAJOR problems in relationships. Jealousy, at its core, stems from insecurity. If you are with your boyfriend and another man is blatantly hitting on you right it front of him, he has a right to get pissed. Your boyfriend is being disrespected and challenged to some degree by this stranger. We get that. However, if he breaks a beer bottle over a guy’s head just because the guys asked you if you knew what time it is, that is a problem that leads to bail money and jail time. You need to find another boyfriend, because his jealousy is out of control.

relationship jealousy

Jealousy the Green-Eyed Psycho Hosebeast

Some women are jealous of their boyfriend or husbands CHILDREN with another woman. Some women try to keep the man in their life from spending time with their children, or won’t let them spend time alone with them. No offense, but this is really sick. These are his kids for goodness sake, you are not in competition with them. There is room in his life for the both of you, and each of you has your place that the other CANNOT take.

Some women have told their men “Your children remind me of your relationship with your ex and I just can’t be around them”. (Swear to God. These psychos may even have children of their OWN from other men). If this woman has that much of a problem with being reminded of his ex, perhaps she should have found herself a virgin or, and this is a novel idea, NOT GOTTEN INVOLVED WITH A MAN WHO HAS KIDS. What kind of karma you are going to reap from trying to separate a man from his children? Yikes. Same thing if a man’s jealousy is causing problems with YOUR kids. HE has a jealousy problem, and should NOT be your children’s fault. And you should not let him get away with it.

Now what about his friends and or the rest of his family? Do you resent and get jealous of the reasonable amounts of time your boyfriend or husband spends with them? Why? If he sees them once a week for a few hours, or for a couple of hours during the week, what exactly is the problem? Is it because they are taking some of YOUR time with him away from you?

What is it with some women and their claim to TIME? Do you plan on being with your man forever? If you ARE then what the hell does a few hours a week amount to compared to FOREVER? Forever isn’t ENOUGH for you? We have heard women say “But Saturday is MY day” or something like that. Since WHEN is Saturday YOUR day? Did you buy it on sale and now Saturdays belong to YOU? What is going to happen if you don’t get EVERY Saturday for the REST OF HIS LIFE? Is your relationship going to end? No. But if you freak out every time he wants to do something other than be with you your relationship just MAY end thanks to that. Just a little FYI for ya, Saturday is HIS day too, not just YOURS. Keep your jealousy in check, or you could very well lose the subject of your jealousy and find yourself alone.


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