Friends or Enemies? Part 2

In our previous article about friends and enemies we discussed how the man you are involved with should be more of a positive person in your life than a negative.

We expect our friends to live up to our idea of what a friend really is: loyally, faithful, truthful and supportive. We expect our friends to treat us with respect, have time for us, and show us that they care about us.

The intimate relationships we have should be held to the same standards. If you expect a friend to treat you a certain way, why would you let the man in your life have a lower standard? Why would you call your friend out on the carpet if they did something wrong, but not the man you love?

Now let’s get to our enemies. Why are they our enemies? Did they do something to hurt you, lie to you, mistreat you, or disrespect you? If they did, it makes sense that they are your enemy. But if the man in your life has done all that, why don’t you see him as your enemy instead of the man you love?

You cannot possibly expect to be happy if you choose to be involved with a man who resembles an enemy as opposed to a friend. (And I don’t want to hear about his good side, your enemies have good sides too, and you don’t cut them any slack.)

You can have friends outside of your relationship, but you have to at least have the basis of true friendship within your relationship, or it is going to be dysfunctional and will end at a certain point.

If you have gotten friends out of your life because they did you wrong, the same needs to be applied to the men you are involved with as well.


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