Witness Protection Man: When Your Guy Just Disappears

You are on cloud nine. You met Mr. Fab and things couldn’t be better. He is open, communicative, fun, and easy to talk to. He compliments you all the time, tells you how he feels the relationship is developing and things seem to be moving forward. Then out of nowhere *whoosh* he is gone.

I mean GONE gone. He doesn’t call, won’t take your calls, and pretty much dropped you like a bad habit. You are shocked. Stunned! Everything was great and he just up and leaves without a word? No valid explanation? Nothing! You can’t believe it, you re-think everything that he said, you said, you did, he did, body language, horoscopes, biorhythms, and you can’t find any red flag, much less a good reason for what he did. You wonder why he did this to you and you want an explanation, anything, something, to put this to rest.

Witness Protection Man

Witness Protection Man: When Your Guy Just Disappears

Months go by, sometimes years and you never get a reason for him just bolting on you. You just can’t get over it.

Knock it off will you? Yeah, you had every right to be hurt, upset, confused and pissed off by what he did when he did it. You DON’T anymore. Want to know why he did it? He didn’t want to be with you anymore and this is how this asshole ends things. Yes, it sucks, but this isn’t one of the great mysteries of the universe. There is no epic saga explaining how he was thrown into the witness protection program against his will and that he couldn’t talk to you or the people out to get him would kill you.

There is only one answer. He didn’t want you in his life anymore and instead of talking to you, he RAN AWAY. Too many women are obsessing over some spineless, weasel moron who didn’t have the decency to end things like a human being. They aren’t worth one more moment of your thoughts. It wasn’t what you thought it was, the things he said may have been true at the time, but they are no longer PRESENTLY true. It’s time to MOVE ON and LET THE ASSHOLE GO.

Whatever line of bullshit he gives you for his suck job behavior wouldn’t be good enough unless he really DID go into the witness protection program. Stop looking for a “reason”. Stop thinking about what could have been, because it isn’t going to BE. Trust me, he lived his life after he left, he didn’t put his happiness on hold, he went out and pursued it, and so should you. He made the decision to leave, and he did. No one held a gun to his head, he just did what he felt like doing. Don’t glamorize the time you spent together, he may have been a good guy in the beginning but he was an asshole AT THE END. Key word — END. It’s over.

Don’t say you can’t stop thinking about him, because you can, and you need to.


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  1. Men seem to think this is ok. to disappear and never say anything, but it is just so wrong. Thanks for this article

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