Top 10 Signs You Are In the Wrong Relationship

Do you wonder if you are in the wrong relationships? So many people find themselves in relationships that simply are not working out. They try to try to stick it out because they think/hope the relationship will improve. They believe the relationship can be changed into a healthier and more stable one. But what if you are in the wrong relationship and are refusing to accept it?All good relationships can sometimes go through a rough patch but what if yours is a bad relationship going through one rough patch after the other? Here are some signs that you may be in the wrong relationship after all.

Top 10 Signs You Are In the Wrong Relationship

  1. If there is abuse of any kind. Verbal,mental, emotional or physical abuse should never be tolerated. Anyone that is subjecting you to that kind of treatment needs to go. Without getting some serious help, you should not even consider having this person in your life. Relationships like this will only get worse without a desire for change, and help/support from an outside source. Even with help, many abusers will never change their ways.
  2. If you have been unhappy way longer than you have been happy in a relationship is a sign you may be in the wrong relationship. What you thought was a great match was based on the honeymoon phase. The reality of your relationship is how it is NOW. Now how it WAS.
  3. If one of you (or both of you) are staying in the relationship for the wrong reasons is a sure sign you may be in the wrong relationship. You may have a financial relationship. You may only have a sexual relationship, like a friends with benefits situation. You may be staying because of the kids or a lifestyle you or they may have become accustomed to. Those are not romantic relationships, and if they are not loving relationships, what are you doing there?
  4. If you cannot communicate your thoughts or express your emotions to the person you are in a relationship with, this is a strong sign you are in the wrong relationship. Sharing is a big part of how a relationship grows. if you are unable to communicate or express thoughts and feelings the relationship cannot grow. As a couple you do not get closer together, you only get further and further apart. If fear of consequences for expressing your thoughts or feelings comes into play then you are almost guaranteed to be in the wrong relationship.
    Top 10 Signs You Are In the Wrong Relationship

    Top 10 Signs You Are In the Wrong Relationship

  5. If the person you are with lacks morals and integrity, this could be a HUGE sign you are in the wrong relationship. If this person doesn’t seem to know right from wrong and you wouldn’t put any horrible deed passed them, it may be time to consider letting go. When someone lacks morals and integrity, they have no common sense of decency. They are not even sorry for what they do to you! Things you would never consider doing or saying they will do at the drop of a hat! How can you have a relationship with someone like this? Answer? You can’t. At least not a healthy, loving one. A toxic, dysfunctional one? Absolutely.
  6. If you don’t spend enough time together, including quality time together, you may be in the wrong relationship. Of course kids, jobs and many other things can get in the way of the time a couple spends together. We are referring to something else. If you are dating, or in a relationship with someone, and they make time for everything BUT you, then it may be time for you to bail. Work can’t always be an excuse, can it? And if you think it can, keep in mind this person may be working for another decade or two, or even three! You are going to wait that long to spend time with them? If you are then you are not in a relationship, you are waiting for one.
  7. If you break up too many times only to get back together, you may be in the wrong relationship. It is not normal, healthy, or sane for a couple to keep breaking up all the time. It keeps the relationship from being secure and moving forward. How can you move forward if you keep taking a step or two back? And why do you keep breaking up all the time anyway? It is either because the person you are with keeps breaking up with you for no reason, and/or your relationship is dysfunctional. Either way, attempt to fix it or get the heck out of there.
  8. If one or both of you is in the throes of addiction, your relationship does not stand a chance. The main relationship for an addict is with whatever they are addicted to, and it isn’t you. You will never come first, nor will your relationship. You can’t help them by staying, but you can help yourself and possibly them if you leave. If you are the addict, leave and get help. If they are the addict, stop enabling them or trying to stop them, just leave. Perhaps that could be their “rock bottom” and they will seek help. If they don’t, you saved yourself from a lot more heartache. Unless they battle their addiction, a relationship with them is a losing battle.
  9. If there are more than two people involved in your relationship, that is a sure sign you may be in the wrong relationship, unless you have an open relationship and both of you are totally cool with that. So if you are cheating or your partner is cheating, one of the relationships has to end. Either with you or with the person they are cheating with. If you are cheating, either end the affair and save your relationship or get out of it. Why wait until you get caught? Why wait for things to get worse? Why waste someone else’s time if you are never going to leave? When you (or they) are SINGLE, then you can have a relationship. Until then, stop being in two wrong relationships.
  10. A long distance relationship can be the wrong relationship for you as well. If you two never see each other, as in a year or so goes by, your relationship is not real. The phone, texting and skyping cannot replace human contact in a relationship. If you do not have enough contact in person, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon, you could be in the wrong relationship. Sure, you may have a relationship of some kind, but not one based on one of the core needs of a relationship – spending time together in person.

If you think you may be in the wrong relationship it is really time to consider what other options you have in and around your life. Being in the wrong relationship will ultimately lead to unhappiness and the relationship will end at some point, one way or another.

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