How to Get Your Ex Out of Your Head

Wondering how to get your ex out of your head? Have you tried everything but wind up thinking about your ex all the time? Do you find thoughts of your ex popping in your head day after day? Has it driven you nuts? Are you trying to get your ex out of your head but having no success? Here are a few tips to get your ex out of your head once and for all.

The first thing we suggest is that you don’t begin dating too soon. Many people think a new person will help them get their ex out of their head and help them move on. Often these dates don’t work out, go anywhere, or you have zero chemistry. That can make you miss your ex even more. Also, while on dates many people find their ex popping in and out of their head. They compare their date to their ex and they don’t measure up. Until you’re ready, don’t date just to replace your ex. The other person doesn’t really have a chance anyway, until you have moved on. Dating other people, for many, just backfires.

Take the focus and attention off your ex. Who cares what they are doing and with whom. Get back in touch with yourself. What have you put off doing while in that relationship? What have you put off doing in general? What can you do that could improve yourself and your life? Think about, and then do it.

Stay away from social media if it involves your ex. It is easy for your ex to stay in your head if you keep seeing their words or pictures on your social media accounts. You don’t need to see this stuff right now. It is just a trigger for your mind to wonder with thoughts of him.

Cutting off contact is another way to get your ex out of your head. Block their number, and don’t contact them, at least for now. Don’t agree to socialize with him or try to be friends if it is keeping you stuck. Who cares how they feel? This is about you doing what is best for you. You ex is doing what is best for them, and you need to do what is best for you. At least until you get it under control.

How to Get Your Ex Out of Your Head

How to Get Your Ex Out of Your Head

Another way to get your ex out of your head is to put something else there. Try learning a new language, or something else that will challenge you mentally. You mind won’t have the same amount of time to wander if you are focusing on something else. Don’t sit alone every night watching tv shows the two of you used. Don’t sit alone on your couch where the two of you used to sit. Go to a friend’s house, go to the movies, do anything. Just get out of the house and be around people.

Put a ban on talking about your ex and what happened. The more you talk about it, the harder it will be to get your ex out of your head. Remove, for now, all reminders and triggers of your ex from your home, car, wherever. You don’t need to see the gifts he bought you or things you bought together right now. You don’t have to throw them away, just put them away.

If you want to get your ex out of your head you need to learn how to stop fantasizing. Thinking about how you could have done things differently in the past, or how the future could be if they came back is torturing yourself. It also is not your current reality. Stop daydreaming about your ex. Stop rehashing your relationship in your mind over and over. As soon as those thoughts pop in, push them out.

It will take time to get your ex out of your head. Of course it will. But, if you start getting it under your control, it will stop controlling you.

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