You Define How People Treat You in Your Relationships

Most people like others to perceive them as a nice person, giving, compassionate, and who treats others they want to be treated. Unfortunately, the reality is, by being a nice, giving and compassionate person does not ensure you will not be treated like a doormat. When you are a doormat you are easily manipulated and taken advantage of. This is how others will see you because in truth it is how you see you. By defining your relationships you define YOURSELF.

You Define How People Treat You in Your Relationships

You Define How People Treat You in Your Relationships

Have you ever said to yourself “I treat <insert name> so great but he treats me horribly”.  Our question to you is: why are you bothering to be so great to <insert name>? Why do you feel the need to treat people great who treat you like crap and allow them to get away with it? Now the answer given most will be “Because I am a nice person, and I like to treat everyone nice and respect”. Oh yeah? Well what about your own self-respect and how you treat YOURSELF??

The nicer you are to yourself, the more you have to give to others. With the niceness you receive in return, the more positive energy you have to give! It all starts and stops with YOU. It’s time to examine the relationships in your life and see what they say about YOU. Are your kids out of control and treating you disrespectfully? If they are, then YOU are not in control of your kids and permit the disrespectful treatment from them. Do you want to define yourself that way?

Is your love relationship one where your needs are never met but you are constantly giving and giving and giving to your partner? Then you would have to define yourself once again as someone who is not appreciated, and giving too much to the wrong person. Does your boss constantly criticize your work and let other people slide, promoting them when you are the one who deserves the promotion? You may define yourself as a hard worker, but your boss doesn’t. It is time to change how you define yourself and how others see you.

We are not telling you to treat people badly, that is NOT the message here. It’s time you treated yourself better so you so others will start treating you with the respect and kindness you deserve.


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  1. It is a great words, its really touching heart which changing my life through reading with understanding.

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