Top 10 Signs of Dead-End Relationships

Dead-end relationships are obviously relationships that have no new place to go. Dead-end relationships should come to an end because no new territory or growth will ever happen. It is common for couples to hang in there, whether it is out of love, fear of being alone, even when the relationship is worthless and/or dysfunctional. You would be surprised how many people refuse to give up when they should have given up a long time ago. Why do so many people stay in dead-end relationships? Quite often they don’t see the signs.

Top 10 Signs of Dead-End Relationships 

  1. The first sign is about space. If space and distance between you is growing, and not getting closer. This can mean many things. If you are in a long distance relationship where no one is making plans to move to where the other is, it’s time to pack it in. A long distance relationship that stays a long distance relationship is going nowhere. Another meaning is emotional distance. If you have not felt connected and are continually growing apart and the both of you are not trying to reconnect, you are at a dead-end. The relationship is heading down the road of emotionally over. If your partner wants to spend less and less time with you, no matter how hard you try to be a part of their lives, they are physically leaving the relationship. Yes it is normal to have time to oneself but too much time takes it toll on the relationship.
  2. If you are doing all the work to fix your relationship, yet your partner either does nothing or everything in their power to make it worse, you have reach a dead-end in your relationship. You cannot fix it all by yourself, and if they are hell-bent on ruining it time and again, you have reached a dead-end. Sure, you can stay, but you will cover no new ground, only the same terrible issues. If you are also doing all the work as in housework, taking care of the kids, and going out to make money while they do nothing you have also reached a dead-end. This is now not a relationship, but a parent, and you are being used.
  3. Another sign of a dead-end relationship would be if you are not even in a relationship. If you never go anywhere, and just meet up to have sex, you have a sexual arrangement, but not a real relationship. Until you do, what you have (just sex) is a complete dead-end so don’t expect it to magically go somewhere.
    Top 10 Signs of Dead-End Relationships

    Top 10 Signs of Dead-End Relationships

  4. Another sign your relationship has hit a dead-end is if you don’t even have a commitment. You don’t need one right away, while dating, but if in a reasonable time you can’t get one, it is more than likely you may never get one. You should never invest years of your life with someone who won’t even give you a commitment to not see other people. That is a total dead-end relationship, going nowhere.
  5. Another sign of a dead-end relationship is if you or your partner have another relationship as well. Of course many people meet someone they are attracted to or have a connection with before a relationship ends. We get that. But if they haven’t ended their relationship before starting one with you, and the end of that relationship isn’t in sight, you may have hit a dead-end. If years are rolling by, and it is one excuse after the other, you may be missing the signs that this is as good as it will ever get.
  6. Another sign your relationship is dead deals with trust breakers. If the person you are with is always deceitful, hiding things, cheating, or stealing from you, your relationship is at a dead-end. Actually, it had a head on collision. When the trust is gone in a relationship, it needs to be repaired at once. If it is not, and the trust destroying behavior continues, there is no hope for a happy relationship in the future.
  7. If you break up and get back together all the time, your relationship has also hit a dead-end. The constant restarting and stopping of your relationship keeps it dysfunctional, and the foundation insecure. How can you build a relationship when there is no foundation? You can’t, so it’s a dead-end.
  8. If you honestly have no idea how your partner feels about you or the relationship because their actions and words are opposite, that could be a sign you have reached a dead-end. In a healthy relationship, both partners want the other to feel loved and secure. If you or your partner cannot show, consistently, by words and actions then you may be at a dead-end. How can a relationship grow where there is confusion, insecurity, and inconsistency?
  9. Incompatibility regarding sex can also be a sign your relationship may be at a dead-end. If you both don’t feel the need for it, fine. If one of you wants sex and intimacy but the other refuses for months (or years) then your sexual needs are not compatible. If one of you is only giving in and it feels like a chore, there is more wrong with this relationship than just sex. The signs are there, so pay attention.
  10. Our final sign of a dead-end relationship is if you fight so much that your home or time together is like a battleground. If your time together or your communication always leads to arguments, your relationship is unhealthy. If you are constantly complaining, being nasty, there is no room for this relationship to grow into anything but hatred.

Look at your own relationship. Are any of the signs there? If they are, it may be time for you to get to work with your partner at repairing your relationship. If it really has reached a dead-end, and the both of you won’t or can’t make changes to make it better, then accept that fact. Accept your relationship won’t get better. You do not have to accept it and stay, you can accept that fact and then leave and get closure. The choice is yours.



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  4 comments for “Top 10 Signs of Dead-End Relationships

  1. Hi Sarah, my name is Merry.

    I just broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years, and for the past 2-3 weeks he hasn’t changed his avatar/profile picture (on social media and IM) that has me in the picture. But then, i have changed mine.

    The last time we broke up because we were in a long distance relationship. He did not care for me,and replied to my messages with very short answers.

    So the point is, he didn’t change his avatar/profile picture in instant messagings and social media. Is he implying something? He didn’t even asked me to stay or ask why when I asked to break up with him.

  2. Wow, reading this was like a light bulb went off for me. My relationship is really at a dead end. I guess I needed to see this.

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