Are You Afraid of Losing Him?

Are you afraid of losing him? Has the man in your life been behaving oddly and something inside you has led you to believe you may be losing him? Has the emotional or physical distance between the two of you grown so much so that you feel you may be losing your connection?

It could be that you have done something that you regret and feel it may have caused irreparable damage to your relationship. You may think the man in your life may have finally had enough and this is the last straw. You may think he will never forgive you, and that what you have said or done has you afraid of losing him for good.

Are You Afraid of Losing Him?

            Are You Afraid of Losing Him?

What if the man you love breaks up with you all the time? Sure, you always get back together, but each time you break up you are afraid that this time will be different and you won’t get back together. He is off having a good time, not suffering, and you are tormented the entire time because you are afraid of losing him because he won’t come back.

Some people have trust issues or insecurity issues that have nothing to do with their current relationship. They come from their past relationships or their childhood, and affect every relationship they get into. These trust issues, even abandonment issues, can make someone afraid of losing the man or woman they love for reasons that don’t exist in reality. The relationship can be perfect, but people like this are just waiting for the shoe to drop. They actually create what they are afraid of most. Their irrational behavior brought about by them being afraid of losing him, or her, drives the one they love crazy until they have had enough. The fact is, if you are afraid of losing him, you need to figure out where this fear is coming from.

If the reason you are afraid is truly because of him, you need to work on your relationship. A healthy relationship does not stir up fear, it makes the couple of feel secure. It is more than likely bad behavior on one or both sides that is causing this, and it needs to be dealt with before it causes more damage. It cannot continue the way it has been or the relationship will reach a breaking point.

If it is coming from within you or him, and not the cause of the partner, that person needs to get their issues in check. It is on them to work on these issues before they poison yet another relationship. It is not your partners fault this is happening, and it is not up to them to appease you. They should be the understanding to a point, but only if you are truly trying to change.

If you cannot seem to change on your own, then seek professional help. You can’t expect someone to hang in there while you are just “trying” to change. Get it done before they get too tired of waiting. If you are really afraid of losing him, then do what you can to get rid of that fear, and the only way to do that is to address this issue, not sweep it under the rug. Do not make what you are afraid of happening actually happen because you refused to do what you needed to do.

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