Is the One for You the Only One for You?

Is the one for you the ONLY one for you? So many people want to find the one for them, but is there really only one person that is just right for you? And what happens if the person you thought was the one for you, has turned into the person that has hurt you more than anyone else? Does that mean your one chance for true romance is gone with the wind?

No, it doesn’t.

It may feel that way, especially if you are going through the loss of the person you believed was the right one for you. That person may have been the one for you at a certain time in your life, and that time may be over. Not everyone that makes an impact in our lives, romantic or otherwise, remains a part of our entire lives. When their part of our journey is over, we have to let them go and find a way to move on.

It’s devastating to try to face the world when you think the person that was the only one for you is now gone. You believe you will never find love like that again, and the loss is immeasurable. It is hard to think what your life will be like without your partner. You felt so lucky to have found the one for you, and expected them to stick around until the end. You never in a million years thought that you would have to face life alone, and don’t know how to do it all by yourself.

So what do you do now? How do you recover from such a devastating loss?

Is the One for You the Only One for You?

Is the One for You the Only One for You?

The first thing you have to do is allow yourself some time. You need to take some time to grieve your loss, but not dwell in your grief. You may need some time alone, or it may be better for you to reach out for some support and comfort. Your self-esteem took a major hit, and you need some time to rebuild it, or you will only attract the wrong kind of people to you. Take stock in yourself, and start focusing on yourself again.

It’s hard to think of yourself as a solo act when you have been in a partnership for so long. The good thing about that is you can take some time to be a bit selfish. You can get yourself into better shape, upgrade your wardrobe, and take that class you have always want to take, but didn’t have the time for. It will take a while before you will get into the mind-set of wanting to take new relationship risks, and that is actually ok. Getting into a rebound relationship to make yourself feel better is almost always a big mistake.
There are so many people on the planet. You may have thought you lost the one for you, but you didn’t. Each relationship is unique. You may never feel the same feelings you had for your ex, but you will be able to have different feelings for someone else. Each person we love, we love differently. It is to be expected and completely normal. You may be lamenting that you will never feel the same way about anyone else ever again, and you won’t.

What you can and will feel is something else, and it can actually be even stronger, and the relationship even better. It may be hard to imagine right now, but the possibility is there. Hold on to your faith and keep your chin up. You were lucky enough to have met someone who for that time, that was the one for you. You are at a different chapter in your life now, and you can get lucky once again. This time you can find someone who can open your heart to new possibilities you never knew existed.

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