Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Maintaining a healthy relationship is a lot harder than it sounds. You do not have to have a perfect relationship in order for it to be a healthy one. You cannot reasonably expect to get along every day for the rest of your lives, and that it is okay to have disagreements once in a while. Couples that are maintaining a healthy relationship know it is okay to have a fight, but they also know how to resolve the conflict in a healthy way. If they are wrong, they apologize. They don’t hold grudges, drag things out, or wait for the other person to be the fixer every single time. They don’t call one another nasty names or go to for the jugular or low blows. Their main goal is to make things better, not worse.

They learn to let the little things go for the most part. They don’t have to make it their life goal to get the other to change how they make the bed because their way is the “right way”. People maintaining a healthy relationship know it is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things and that if it bothers them that much they will just do it themselves. They also know that intimacy and sex is affected by the quality of their day-to-day lives. If they barely speak to one another during the day or day-to-day they know it will affect their sex life. You cannot just be connected sexually if you are not connected outside of the sexual relationship. Consistent communication and sharing your lives helps the couple to grow together as they grow individually. Otherwise they grow apart.

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships have couples that are partners, not one as the boss. Neither tries to be in control of the other or of the relationship. Healthy relationships have a sense of fairness to them. It is not that you have to keep score, you just have to keep it fair and not always about the wishes, wants and goals of just one. Both people have a say and are not afraid to say it. Both people in a healthy relationship consider the others happiness equally important. They make major decisions as a couple, and discuss the issue with one another before coming to a decision. Couples maintaining a healthy relationship trust one another, and can spend time apart without feeling insecure. They work as a team toward achieving their goals instead of just one doing the heavy lifting.

One of the best ways of maintaining a healthy relationship is to make it a priority to be kind to one another. Look at how much you criticize vs how much you compliment each other. Shouldn’t the compliments outweigh the criticism? They will if you are in a healthy relationship. And lastly, it is important in maintaining a healthy relationship that we show our gratitude rather than take things for granted. When you go to a store and a stranger holds open the door for you, most people would say “Thank you.” Well what do you say when your partner runs an errand for you, or did your laundry, or cooked you a meal? Nothing? Learn to appreciate the one you love and show them that appreciation. Maintaining a healthy relationship requires an effort on both parts, but even small acts of kindness or tokens of appreciation can go a long way.

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