How to Recognize a Bad Relationship

It’s crucial to recognize a bad relationship in its early stages. The warning signs are often there, but people tend to excuse them or ignore them. In the first few months of dating mostly all you see is their good side, but there are often ways you can tell if a relationship will be good or bad for you.

When you first start dating, you may spend time only together. But if they always want to keep you all to themselves and give you a hard time about you spending time with your friends or family you need to recognize this is going to be a bad relationship down the line. Cutting you off from those closest to you is a bad sign.

If you hear too much about their ex, or they are spending too much time with (or talking to their ex) is another way of recognizing a bad relationship early on. It is not going to get better if they do not have healthy boundaries with their ex. Do you really want a relationship that involves their ex that much? Hell no.

Another good example of recognizing a bad relationship is if they are unreliable. If they are always late, cancel plans at the last minute, or break promises, this may not be someone you want to pursue a long-term relationship with. If you can’t count on them now why would you think you could count on them in the future?

If there is a lot of secrecy, such as if they go away for a while and don’t contact you or tell you where they have been, this behavior is going to cause many problems down the line. Same thing if you catch them lying, even if it is about small inconsequential things.

An easy way to recognize a bad relationship is if you want to raise a family but they either don’t want to, or would not make a good parent. If you don’t like how they treat your children, or their own children, this would be a bad relationship to enter into or continue.

If you are dating or just starting a relationship with someone and they don’t take seriously the things you take seriously this is another red flag. How can you have a good relationship if the things that are important to you are not important to them?

How to Recognize a Bad Relationship

How to Recognize a Bad Relationship

If you notice any signs of violence, recognize that this will lead to a bad relationship and cut things off as soon as possible. Same thing will bullying. Bullying is not only physical, but verbal. This includes someone not taking no for an answer and always pushing until they get their way. Same thing goes for making fun of you and then saying you are too sensitive or don’t know how to take a joke.

Other big signs of recognizing a bad relationship are cheating, lying, or withholding affection. None of those qualities are going to make for a good relationship. And last but not least, if you are lying about your relationship to people who care about you because you are embarrassed by the things that are being done to you or said to you, its time you recognize that this is not the right relationship for you.

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