10 Steps for Self Growth And Self Worth

Positive self growth and self worth are important factors in your relationships. Without self growth, there cannot be any change, and without high self worth, their cannot be true happiness. It all starts with you. Once you take care of you, you can begin your path of personal growth and your self worth can vastly improve.

10 Steps for Self Growth And Self Worth

1. Change your inner dialogue and how you speak aloud about yourself. Stop with the self deprivation, learn to take compliments with grace, and stop beating yourself up. Try being more encouraging with yourself like you would with anyone else. Change your negativity into positivity with what you say to yourself, and to others about yourself.

2. Focus on what is in your power to control, and let go of what is not. If you focus on what is not in your control you not only feel helpless, you are wasting your time and energy. If you put your energy into what you can control, you will feel empowered and can create positive change.

3. Avoid creating and getting sucked into other peoples drama. Sure, you want to be there for other people when they have a problem, but if they are constantly taking your time and energy to talk to them, counsel them, support them and be there for them but they do NOTHING to change their situation, stop doing it. They are wasting your time, and you are letting them. As for creating drama of your own? Drama is going to enter our lives at some point, there is no reason for you to create it. If you need attention, find a way to get it in a positive way rather than being a drama queen. Learn to not sweat the small stuff or you blind yourself to the small (and big) things you should be grateful for.

4. If it feels wrong, or makes you uncomfortable, don’t do it or take part in it. Don’t allow anyone else to force you to do things or say things that you believe are wrong. Forget about what they will think about you, and concentrate on how you want to feel about yourself.

10 Steps for Self Growth And Self Worth

10 Steps for Self Growth And Self Worth

5. Don’t be afraid to say Yes. You are worthy, you deserve it, just as much as the next person. It is not selfish, it is self love.

6. Don’t be a people pleaser. They will only see you as a doormat in the long run. Sometimes you will have to disappoint people. Sometimes you cannot or should not give someone what they want. Sometimes you will have to tell people no. Sometimes enough is enough. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be nice to people, and that is fine so long as you don’t overdo it. Once you start putting yourself out too much, people often take it for granted or take advantage.

7. Don’t let anyone talk you out of your goals in life. Let them say what they want, just don’t give up. Surround yourself with supportive people and keep your focus on your goals for the future. Have faith in yourself, and the confidence in your ability to reach those goals.

8. Learn to be direct in your actions, and in your words. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Speak your mind, and stick to your guns. Don’t be passive-aggressive or send mixed messages by saying one thing yet doing another.

9. Learn to say no, and don’t feel guilty about it. Everyone has the right to say no, including you. You don’t have to feel bad about it. People that say no to you don’t feel guilty about it, so why should you? You have to say no to people sometimes to do what is best for you, and even for them. If they get upset about it, their true colors are showing. They are showing they are people that will only be positive towards you if they are getting everything they want from you. Let them go, and good riddance.

10. Listen to your gut. Pay attention to it. Don’t try and push it away or ignore it. Your instincts are never wrong, and the more you pay attention to them the better off you will be. Your instincts can keep you safe and help you avoid bad situations and people.

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