Positive Daily Affirmations for Couples

Positive daily affirmations can help change the attitude and energy of a couple’s relationship. When we are too focused on the negative aspects of our partner and our relationship is it any wonder why the relationship sours? How can you get your relationship out of a rut and bring some new energy and positivity into it? Couples could use these daily affirmations to help them feel grateful, instead of resentful towards their partner. It can help them let go of the past and start fresh. Now of course these will not fix the major problems in a relationship. It is a good way to get your attitudes in check so you can tackle those major issues in a more positive way and change your relationship for the better.

Here is a list of affirmations for any couple to use (or use them all if you like):

1. I am allowed to be myself, and so is my partner. I am allowed to feel and think as I do, and so is my partner.

2. I am an amazing person, and so is my partner. My partner is lucky to have me, and I am lucky to have them.

3. I forgive myself for my past mistakes, and will learn from them and not repeat them. I forgive my partner for their past mistakes, and I trust they will learn from theirs and not repeat them.

4. I can control my happiness, and I wish to bring happiness to my partner. I want my partner to be happy, and will acknowledge what they do that makes me happy.

Positive Daily Affirmations for Couples
Positive Daily Affirmations for Couples

5. I deserve to be loved and respected. I will show my partner love and respect.

6. I will stand up for what I believe in, and expect my partner to do the same.

7. I deserve to pursue my dreams, and so does my partner.

8. I am not always right and that is okay. My partner is not always right and that is okay.

9. I give myself permission to make my own choices, and my partner has the right to make theirs as well.

10. I believe in myself and my partner.

11. I deserve supportive people around me, and will be supportive of my partner.

12. I have a lot to be thankful for, and I am thankful for having my partner in my life.

13. I can get stronger every day, and so can my partner. Together we can make our relationship stronger.

14. I matter. My partner matters as well, and neither of us more than the other.

15. It is enough that I do my best and try my best. It is enough that my partner does their best and tries their best.

If any of you have ever used positive affirmations in your life, or your relationships, we would love to hear your experiences. If you have never use positive affirmations, we invite you to try them and see how they can improve your life and your relationship. 

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