Are You Sacrificing too Much for Your Relationship?

Are you sacrificing too much to keep your relationship going? In every relationship there is a certain level of give and take, and each member often has to sacrifice something in order to have a proper relationship. You may have spent your Saturday and Sunday afternoons with your girlfriends since none of you were in a relationship. Now that you have a relationship, you may have to sacrifice some of the time you spent with your girlfriends on the weekend.

Note, I said “some”. You do not, and should not, have to give up spending any time with your girlfriends on the weekend. You do not have to sacrifice 100% of anything to keep a relationship going, unless it is something detrimental to a relationship. A well-rounded person does not revolve their life and free time on one person. The person you are in a relationship with should not have to be your constant companion and entertainment. Giving up your friends is not a sacrifice you should make, or should have to make, to keep your partner happy. If they want you to or demand you do, consider that a red flag.

Are You Sacrificing too Much for Your Relationship

Are You Sacrificing too Much for Your Relationship?

You do not have to prove to your partner that you will sacrifice anyone and everything to please them. That reeks of insecurity, because you are going way overboard and do not need to. At first, you may pull back a bit from your friends or family, but at a certain point you have to make room for the rest of your life in your life. You both should be complimenting one another’s lives, and adding to each other’s lives.

There is no need for a partner to take everything and everyone away from you just because you are in a relationship. Let them watch sports alone, if you are not a sports fan, or with their friends and go do your own thing. Take your yoga classes during that time, go shopping with your friends, or have lunch with your mother or sister. You can spend time apart. You do not have to be a grown man’s cheerleader all the time. They can go play baseball, bowl, or do whatever hobby or activity they do and you do not need to be there. If you participate yourself, that is one thing. But you do not have to sacrifice your spare time to watch him enjoy his spare time doing HIS thing. It makes you look needy and clingy. It makes you zero priority in your own relationship. Spin it however you want it, but you do not look like the supportive partner. In most cases, you look like the low priority partner who has no life of your own. Stop sacrificing your life and being a martyr.

A partner that truly respects you does not want you to sacrifice who you are and what makes you happy to please them. They want to support you in what goals you want to accomplish and want you to pursue your own interests. Some sacrifice is a good thing, and is conducive to healthy relationships, but going overboard is simply not necessary and begins to slant the balance of the relationship. When a relationship is not evenly balanced, it becomes dysfunctional, and no one wants that. So don’t be the one sacrificing too much in your relationship, or the only one making any sacrifices in your relationship.

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