Reality Checks for Relationships

Reality checks are necessary for relationships. It is fine to have faith and hope in your partner. You should, if they earned that faith and trust. But sometimes, we all need a reality check. Reality is often never as positive as our hopes or desires. Reality can be harsh, especially when it comes to love and relationships, but we need to see it so we stop wasting our time. Here are some realities of relationships that you may not want to hear, but need to keep in mind.

1. Some people will never change their behavior. They don’t want to change their behavior, or they can’t. There also may be no reason for them to change their behavior because there is nothing in it for them. Only you, and that is not enough for them to make a change. Change your behavior instead.

2. Guilt may get you somewhere with some people, but many people simply will never feel guilty for hurting you or someone else. You can try to make them feel guilty, but you cannot force anyone to feel guilty even if they should. So stop trying.

3. Another on our list of reality checks: Some people will never learn their lesson. You can try and teach them over and over again, but they will just never get it. Learn your lesson and stop playing teacher to a student that does not want to learn or possesses the capacity to learn.

4. Yet another harsh reality check for you is yes, they know they hurt you when they did or said that. Yes’m they will more than likely do it again or say it again knowing it will hurt you again. Stop giving the same people another chance to hurt you like that.

Reality Checks for Relationships

Reality Checks for Relationships

5. The person you are in a relationship with may never admit to being wrong. No matter how you try to prove your case, the reality is they are never wrong as far as they are concerned. Stop trying to prove your case in this relationship. Haven’t you seen the proof that you cannot win with this person even when you are in the right and they are in the wrong?

6. Here is a reality check for you. You may be in a relationship with someone who will never apologize. Some may apologize but are never truly sorry. You may be apologizing to them when they are wrong, and you had the nerve to get upset about it.

7. Another sad reality is that some people grow apart, not together. Some people also refuse to grow up. You cannot force someone else to grow and move forward. If they want to remain stuck, they will. Just don’t stay stuck with them.

8. You need a relationship reality check if you are with someone who is always playing the victim. In reality, they are more than likely the one causing the problems in the first place, they just do not like when you bring it to their attention. They manipulate you by twisting and turning everything around.

9. If someone really wanted to stop doing something to hurt you, they could and they would. If they don’t, they wont. The reality of the situation is they don’t want to, and for whatever reason, you are accepting that and sticking around.

10. Sometimes the reality is not that they were intimidated by you, or scared of their feelings for you, or couldn’t handle how they felt about you, the fact is they lied to you, used you, and it was just a game to them.

These are just some relationship reality checks, please feel free to add your own in the comments below!


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  1. Ive read and re read this post. The most striking thing to me is that me, and many others, are in relationships where our significant others don’t apologize.

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