Jealous of Your Ex’s New Relationship?

Are you jealous of your ex’s new relationship? Do you see them together on social media, smiling and looking so in love it makes you feel sick to your stomach? Do you wonder how your ex moved on so quickly but you have not? Are you jealous that they seem so happy when you are nothing but miserable?

It’s not a good feeling when you are jealous, especially when you do not have a new relationship yourself. (And, of course, if you wanted your ex back). Don’t beat yourself up just yet. If your ex moved on to a new relationship really fast, it is certainly too soon and it is just a rebound relationship.

Rebound relationships are built on fantasy, not reality, and in most cases fall apart.  When someone is not emotionally available, they have no business being in a new relationship. They are faking it to prove something to others or to themselves. That is why we caution people about getting involved with someone who has recently ended a relationship. This is also why they feel the urge to post tons of photos on social media of their new relationship. They want to show the whole world how happy they want them to think they are, so the pictures are all smiles, and orchestrated to make them look like the perfect, loving couple. So don’t be jealous of the person they are with now, because they have gotten sucked into an instant relationship with someone who truly isn’t emotionally available to them, no matter what they say or do.

Jealous of Your Ex's New Relationship?

Jealous of Your Ex’s New Relationship?

If you were hoping to get your ex back, and feel now there is no chance because they are with someone else, think again. You would be shocked to learn how many people get into new relationships to make their ex jealous or to make their ex think they have moved on. Their whole goal revolves around their ex, and it really doesn’t involve the new person. They could be anyone. They just needed someone to help them reach their goal of upsetting their ex. (You) So don’t do what they are doing.

Don’t use someone else to try and get back at your ex for revenge. It is not fair to the new person, and karma wise it is not a good thing to do. If you still want your ex back, just wait to see if their new relationship crumbles before you find someone else yourself. Don’t romanticize your past relationship with your ex and be jealous of all the things the new person is getting. Instead, remember the things about your ex that either drove you crazy or pissed you off. Remember how they lied all the time, or that they were inconsiderate, ungrateful, or disrespectful. Focus on the things you are glad to be rid of. Never lose sight of those things, because if your ex comes back, they bring all that stuff back with them.

If those same things made you miserable in the past, they will make you miserable in the future. Also, keep those traits in mind so you know exactly what you don’t want in your next relationship, and you will see those red flag behaviors going forward.

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