Do They Always Get Their Way?

Sometimes letting someone get their way in a relationship is good for the relationship. Each member of a couple should take one for the team once in a while. But always letting someone get their way is not healthy for a relationship. It creates an imbalance within the relationship and you can expect things to only get worse.

The one you love may not have started out as a selfish, self-centered person, but gradually, over time, those traits will present themselves. If you don’t make your own desires, wants and opinions important in your relationship, you cannot expect your partner to. It may feel as though you are putting yourself last as an act of love, but that is really not what you are doing.

Where is your love for yourself? If you do not love yourself, how can anyone else love you properly? It doesn’t have to be a tit for tat situation, but it important for both parties of a couple to have things go their way once in a while too. To create a healthy relationship, both parties have to have their needs met. When only one person is getting their way, it is not a healthy relationship.

Do They Always Get Their Way?

Do They Always Get Their Way?

There is nothing wrong with giving of yourself, and wanting to make your partner happy. But your partner should also want to make you happy. If they have stopped reciprocating, they have become selfish when it comes to you. How can that be a good thing in a relationship? It’s not. So make a conscious effort to not always let your partner get their way. Remind them it is your turn to decide where to eat, where to go on vacation, or how to spend your free time.

You will know right away by their reaction whether they actually appreciate you letting them get their way by their reaction to it. If they are agreeable, then you know they have a sense of gratitude towards you. If not, then you know you helped create a selfish, self-entitled monster and it is time to stop feeding that monster.

If you have been pleased with yourself for always getting your way in your relationship, it is time you stop and check yourself. At some point, your partner is going to become tired of always being the giver. At some point they will also start being resentful towards the fact you are so selfish. So don’t think you will get away with it forever. At some point, the one you love may begin to tire of a relationship that always revolves around what you want. It is not too late to turn things around and put forth the same effort into making your partner happy as they have trying to make you happy.

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