Are They Ready for a Relationship?

Are they ready for a relationship? You may want them to be, and they may even say they are, but how can you tell? People often talk the talk, but do not back it up with action. They say the right things and make you believe they really want to be in a relationship. They can waste your time, and break your heart if you are not careful.

So how can you tell if they are really ready to be in a healthy relationship, as opposed to a dysfunctional one? Here are some signs they are ready for a relationship, and the flip side, that they are not.

1. If they are open about their feelings, and are not afraid to show vulnerability, then that is a good indication they are ready for a relationship. If they keep their feelings to themselves, and think being vulnerable is a sign of weakness, they are more than likely not ready for the kind of healthy, loving relationship you are.

2. If there is a balance between their emotion and logic, chances are they are ready for a relationship and won’t rush into things or take to long to get to the next level. People that rush relationships and move too fast are doing that for the wrong reasons. They can disappear just as fast as they moved things along. Be careful and suspicious. People like this often are running on the euphoria of a new romance, but once the newness wears off, they drop you like a hot potato.

Are They Ready for a Relationship?

Are They Ready for a Relationship?

3. If he or she communicates both negative and positive emotions in a healthy way, they are a prime candidate for a healthy relationship. If they fly off the handle or want to control the conversation or are demeaning, over critical or take the low road, they are not ready for a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, you cannot know this until you have your fist argument or difference of opinion. You never have the full story of who they really are until you see both sides of them. You cannot tell how they handle anger until you see them angry.

4. He or she is ready for a relationship if they accept you as you are. if they want to change too much about you and turn you into someone else, then they are not ready for a relationship with you, they need to find someone else to control instead of you.

5. If he or she still talks to much about their ex, communicate or sees their ex too much (or still lives with them) then they are not ready for a relationship with you. Relationships need to have time and space between them, and ones that overlap come with tons of baggage and drama. Wait until they have had time to detox from their last (or current) relationship before jumping into things.

6. If they work too much, have hobbies that take too much of their time, or for whatever reason have very little time to spend with you, then he or she is not ready for a relationship with you. Don’t allow them to give you their crumbs of spare time. Yes, you should accept the fact that they are busy people, but you also have to accept that they are too busy for YOU and pretty much this is as good as it is going to get. Don’t expect it to change down the road. Ask them to change it now, and if they don’t change it now, you need to walk away.

Even with all these signs it is hard to know for sure if he or she is really ready for a relationship. Some people play a good game, hide their intentions, or are good manipulators. But, if you really pay attention, and look for the signs, you can lower your risk of getting involved with the wrong people.


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