The Most Difficult People to Have Relationships With

The most difficult people to have relationships with are those who behave in ways that make for unhealthy relationships. We should be able to spot these behaviors right away and recognize them for the red flags they are. In reality, most people choose to ignore these red flags altogether and make excuses for them. You don’t want to get caught in a relationship with someone whose behavior is going to make it difficult, if not impossible to have a harmonious relationship.

So who are the most difficult people to have relationships with? We created a list of people with behaviors you should look out for:


1. Controlling people are some of the most difficult people to have a relationship with. Their desire for power makes a true partnership impossible. They want to control everything, and everyone, at all times. No one really can be truly happy in a relationship with a control freak.

2. People who do not open up about what is going on in their minds, or express their feelings are extremely difficult to get close to. You have to guess their thoughts and desires, and how they feel about things (and you). You can’t really get close to someone if they wont show you how they feel or what they are thinking. Without growing closer, the relationship stagnates and cannot grow moving forward.

3. Someone who never takes responsibility for their words and actions are frustrating to deal with. It is difficult to deal with someone who will not be held accountable for anything they do or say that is wrong. These same people will fully expect you to take responsibility for your words and actions. (And more than likely, theirs as well)

4. Liars and cheaters (we combined these two since they go hand in hand in many cases) are very difficult to have a happy, lasting relationship with. No one likes to be lied to, and without the truth, you have no trust. Once trust is broken, it is hard to fix and is never the same. The same goes for cheating.

The Most Difficult People to Have Relationships With

The Most Difficult People to Have Relationships With

5. Someone who will not apologize is another difficult person. Everyone has the capacity to apologize. These people choose not to. They like to cause problems, act out, and behave badly. They don’t want to apologize because they don’t want to admit they are wrong. They also do not want any consequences for their actions or words. How can you forgive someone when they are not sorry? Why would you forgive someone that isn’t sorry for hurting you? You shouldn’t.

6. Passive aggressive and/or manipulators are another group of problematic people when it comes to relationships. Being passive aggressive is a form of manipulation. There are many ways people can manipulate their partner. No one should be played for a fool, or have to deal with a puppet master that is trying to pull their strings for their own agenda. How can someone say they love you yet manipulate you at the same time? If your relationship involves passive aggression or manipulation, congratulations, you are in a dysfunctional relationship.

7. Selfish people, who want the world, and your relationship to revolve solely around them are difficult people to be in a relationship with. You may go along for the ride at first, and think you don’t mind, but that won’t last. It is only going to get worse since you enabled them for so long. At some point, you will realize you lost a part of yourself and your partner didn’t care that you were doing so. This imbalance will catch up with all couples at some point.

All relationships have conflict at some point, and are not always harmonious. That is reality. But do not delude yourself and excuse the red flags when they are waving in front of your face. Any other people come to mind that you feel are difficult people to be in relationships with, please comment below!

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