Top Relationship Mistakes to Avoid

Relationships mistakes are often unavoidable. There are certain things that you won’t know about in advance, and you find out too late. But there are a lot of relationship mistakes you can avoid if you make a conscious effort. He is our list to help you avoid these relationship mistakes instead of making them.

Avoid Relationship Mistakes

1. Do not look to far ahead. Stop writing a romance novel in your head. Deal with the reality, and stick with the facts and only the fact of what you know, not what you assume. Don’t look at future promises as things you are being given today. Sure, you got the promise they will spend more time with you, or end their other relationship, or be more affectionate. But until they do, you have NOTHING.  Just a promise that has not been fulfilled. Until it is, it is worthless. Use your time in the early stages to see things for what they are, are honestly ask yourself if this person is organically compatible with you in the most important ways. If they are too much work, then perhaps they are not the right one for you.

Top Relationship Mistakes to Avoid

Top Relationship Mistakes to Avoid

2. Don’t be afraid to leave a dating relationship that has no real potential. Don’t try and make it more than it should be. If the signs are there while dating that their are issues that could cause problems down the road, your wisest decision could be to not proceed any further. Don’t waste your time or theirs on something that won’t really make either of you truly happy long term.

3. Time is very important and must be considered. If a person does not have time for you now, they won’t have time for a relationship with you later. Why are you sitting around waiting for them to have time for you? Is it because you think they will some day? What are you basing that belief on? Did they promise you they would? Well, are they delivering on that promise? If they are not, then don’t make the mistake of sitting around waiting for them to have time for you, because chances are they never really will.

4. If there has been a ton of drama early on in your relationship don’t make the mistake of thinking that it will most likely be drama free down the line. It usually doesn’t work that way. If when you first got together there were issues with their ex-wife for instance, chances are that drama will continue throughout your relationship. especially if your current partner seems unable to create proper boundaries with their ex.

5. Commitment. If you want a commitment and the other person doesn’t want to give you one, they are not ready for a committed relationship and may never be. If you want a committed relationship then why are you with this person? Why are you in a non committed relationship in the first place? Get out. It’s not the right relationship for you.

Do you have any relationship mistakes that can go on our list? Comment below!

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  1. Just the points you mentioned, I fully agree with it. I believe that only a lack of understanding is the root cause of all problems. I appreciate your elaboration man.

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