Common Relationship Issues – Can You Fix Them?

Common relationship issues, if they are not addressed, will make the relationship worse. They are not going to go away by themselves. Don’t make the mistake many couples make when they accept these issues as “just a part of their relationship”. When relationship issues are shoved under the rug, they become worse. They also create additional issues as well. Here are some common relationship issues many couples have and some ideas how to fix them before things get worse.


1.) Family, and/or friends causing problems. Family and friends, no matter how well meaning, can cause major issues in a relationship. There are some family and friends that are purposely creating drama. Without drawing proper boundaries those friends and family members will never stop. You need to stop fighting with each other about it, and become a team. Both partners need to protect the relationship, and both need to stick up for one another. Draw a line in the sand. It is not asking too much for your friends and family to treat your partner and your relationship with respect. They need to give you space, and understand that if they can not behave appropriately you will have to keep them at arms length. It is not up to your partner to tolerate their bullshit for you. Your responsibility is to grow a set and put them in their place. If they really love you, it won’t be hard to behave around the person that you have chosen as a partner. They had the right to chose theirs without your approval, so the same should go for you.

Common Relationship Issues - Can You Fix Them?

Common Relationship Issues – Can You Fix Them?

2. One partner doing too much, while the other does too little, is another common relationship issues. At a certain point the partner giving so much and getting so little in return is going to throw in the towel. Don’t think you have forever to show them some appreciation and put them first for a change. If you are enjoying all that your partner is giving and have become selfish, your time may be up sooner than you know it. You are not considering your partners wants and needs. Start putting them first for a change. Let them pick what you do on the weekend, where you go to dinner, and what movie you see. Thank them for what they are doing for you and do something for them to show your appreciation. If you are the one giving too much, why not try taking it down a big notch so your partner is reminded of exactly how much you do for them?

3. Not spending enough time on each other and the relationship is another common relationship issue. This can be solved, but a concentrated effort really has to be made. Forget about the “someday” when you will be able to spend quality time together. That day may never come. When couples don’t spend enough time together they grow apart, and one day they find themselves emotionally checked out of the relationship. At that point, it can be too late. It doesn’t have to be grand gestures or 2 week long vacations. For a week write down everything you do for the entire week and the time each of these things takes. It can help you see where you can tweak your routine to create a little bit more time here and there. It can really add up. You don’t need to be on social media playing games more than you need your partner, do you?

4. You argue about the same issues over and over again. This is one of the most common issues in relationships, and one of the most toxic. You are going to have to decide if these issues are really worth arguing over, first of all. Second of all, you have to both want to do what is necessary to solve these issues once and for all. You have to think long and hard and decide if you are going to let these constant arguments ruin your relationship entirely. Because they are doing just that, and eventually they will. Is this issue really worth losing your partner over? Can you find a compromise between the two of you? If you need a mediator, find a professional that you both feel comfortable to get help.

5. Spending too much time together, and having no time for yourself. Healthy relationships have individual “me” time. If your partner spend all their time with the kids, when you come home give them an hour alone to themselves here and there. Book them a message, facial, or anything to give them some time that is just about them. Healthy couples do not need to be around each other 24/7. They need time to grow as individuals or they won’t really grow as a couple. This is often why people snap after a long time together because they want to “find themselves”.

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