Emails from Nigerian Scammers on Internet Dating Websites

Nigerian scammers are on every internet dating site as well as all social media sites. Here are examples of REAL emails that Nigerian scammers send out to try and scam women, and men, out of thousands of dollars, with their promises of love, romance, honesty and integrity. This is all wrapped up in the ‘God fearing man’ they pretend to be (more like the Devil in actuality). Ladies, if you are doing the online dating thing please be aware of these folks. Too many have lost their life savings because of them. Anyone that tries to get you to loan them money before you have even met them is a con artist. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. No decent man would turn to a woman they have never met and ask her to send them money. Don’t believe me? Tell your would be Romeo that you can’t send him the money. Watch how he tries to beg, plead and make you feel guilty. Would a decent person do that either? Nope. Notice how when they write they use refrigerator magnet type inspirational quotes yet grammar and spelling can go out the window.

nigerian scammers

Nigerian Scammers are on all online dating sites


Hi babe,
How are you doing today?……It’s so nice to read from you and knowing you to this extend, I hope you are doing great? as for me I am fine and doing pretty good. I must say that I am not perfect at letter writing, so I hope you do try to understand all I here write. I have to tell you much about myself so that you can better learn about me.
Am Mark Donovan from California born, But i relocated to Virginia state when i was 18 years old, Am 41 divorced with 2 kids…. 14 and 11 and there names ar Judith and Bechmann, they ar my greatest fan since ex-wife left us, Am a Soccer Scout and own a football club….. i like travelling to many countries searching for young and Talented footballers, Hope you know what that means, I Like to stay indoor with my woman and mostly watching the Barclaycard premier league in London, Am shy at first, But gets to be upward later,
I Like people that care for others and also been a good christian,
I dislike being lied to or accused of things that I’ve not done and playing games.I think the thing that upsets me the most is someone to lie to me and after they get caught not admit it. You know I understand that we do things that are not right but when you are wrong you need to be responsible for it and admit you are wrong. Be big enough to say you are sorry. That is something I think a lot of people have a hard time doing…… I like the South side Musics and I dislike Slow and lousy beats musics….
I have been single for 5years, and i saw a message on my email address wanting me to join Tagged site, so i registered and i found you when i was going through some profiles, I was shocked when i saw this pretty face of yours and i got caught by your Charming eye balls. I decided to Wink at you and here i got your reply, i told myself that am satisfied seeing an angel on here and decided to concentrate on you,.. I hope you ar having a nice time and i would like to have a distinctive chat with you, Here is my yahoo messenger..(baclay1) were i can get to know more about you, So take care Babe.
Mark Barry Bentley Donovan


OR something like this:

Date: Monday, February 2, 2009, 11:49 PM

Hello, dear !
How r u doing? I hope u r doing fine,I just went thru ur profile and It seems to me, you are very nice, sincere, romantic and cheerful person. And I hope we will become good and close friends, and even more…… Who knows…. I believe that people can often meet come across Love in their life but they can be so blind or preoccupied with other problem or things that they think are much more important that they pass by this great, light feeling and when they realize that it was exactly Love, it can be too late to let it enlighten their mind, heart and soul. Unfortunately it deals with the human nature to have regrets only when you loose something?.. So let the wonderful spirit of LOVE warm up your heart and your soul among all this city noise and fuss, among all these daily problems and everyday troubles!
I..m waiting for your letter…
My best regards,I would like us to know more about us out from the site and lets meet to Yahoo chatting so we can continue from there,So here is my email address so you can send me bit about yourself.( You can also contact me through my yahoo messenger i.d.(baclay1) i will be expecting you soon.


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  1. Evang Paulinus Paul he is Nigerian scammer using his page to scam people. He created himself a fake page on here his Google account is a fake one. He’s going around asking people to sow a seed. He will make you believe he’s not scamming you he is.

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