Enough Already with the Nude Photos, Sex Cams and Sexting


Nude Photos, Sex Cams and Texting

Is it really necessary to participate in nude photos, sex cams and sexting? We live in a world where if you pick your nose it can be downloaded on 6 zillion websites in less than 2 seconds. Please tell me why women are sending provocative photos of themselves to men they barely know (or think they really know but they don’t) or engaging in sexy webcam or sexting sessions? I wouldn’t trust the Pope to have nude photos of me so I sure as hell wouldn’t be sending them to some loser over the internet.

If that is what I need to do to impress him, or keep him, he can go chase himself because I am no longer interested. And you shouldn’t be either. Really, what the hell does he need nude or sexy photos of you for anyway? If you want to take photos of yourself and show them to him yet keep them in your possession, fine, go ahead. But after hearing about every sex tape that a celebrity should be ashamed of, think about how many women in the everyday world have had the same thing happen to them. It happens more often than you think, and the effects can be devastating.

You probably don’t want to think about what could happen to these photos, tapes, etc. should you break up, but you better. If he wants to see you naked tell him to come on over. If he is far away and needs to see you on webcam acting like a bimbo then tell him to grow up and wait until he gets home. Understandably, some couple proactively use these “aids” in their sex lives, but way to many women do these things to make the guy happy and then regret it later.

A man usually won’t get embarrassed if his sex tape gets out or photos of his penis (unless it is small or deformed) get shown to your friends. You have to have an insurance policy in these matters. If he insists that you need to take nude photos or make a sex tape, tell him what YOU need is to film him dressed up in your underwear, make up, high heels and a wig practicing fellatio on a banana while moaning and dancing to Tom Jones “She’s a Lady”. Then you can rest assured you have the goods on him sister. Your film will never go anywhere because he is never ever going to want anyone to ever see his.


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