Internet Dating Profile Guide

Do you know what you need to do to create an internet dating profile? All your friends are now dating online and you’ve decided to follow suite. However, when it comes to putting up an internet dating profile the last thing you want to do is put out the wrong message. On the surface something you write may seem harmless and fun, but if the wrong person reads it, it could put you in some danger.
And not only when it comes to what you say and put in your own internet dating profile, but also when it comes to responding to personal ads as well.  So to avoid any danger from the start, here are some helpful suggestions to make your online dating experience more enjoyable.
Writing your personal internet dating profile: You want to put your best foot forward, so writing a number of drafts BEFORE putting your ad up for the world to see is a must! This gives you the chance to think about what it is you really want to say about yourself. This gives you a chance to edit yourself before your profile is posted. Also, ask a friend to read your first, second, and third draft.
Internet Dating Profile Guidelines

Internet Dating Profile Guide

And while you are at it, check your spelling! Would you want to date someone with sloppy spelling? What make you think they’d want to date you? This is another reason why it is suggested to write your profile first and then simply cut and paste the final draft into your profile… AFTER running it through a spellcheck program.
Also, when it comes to personal information – be general until you get to know your potential suitor. The last thing you want is a potential stalker, so DO NOT list where you work, your last name, telephone number or your address or the street you live on. If you are a teacher, just put down teacher. DO NOT put “I’m a teacher at (name of school). This holds true for ANY profession.
Responding to someone’s internet dating profile:
If want to be treated with respect,  why not treat someone the way you’d like to be treated. Simple. You speak in sentences, so why introduce yourself in a tag line or short phrase? Perhaps the number one response these days to an online dating profile is: “Liked your profile… want to chat?” Yawn. You need to say something besides that. Be yourself and say something interesting, but not too much personal information. Be funny, but if people don’t understand your sense of humor, save it for later.
At the same time, don’t ask for a phone number, address, or last name before you have even gotten a reply from someone. You may be mistaken for a serial killer or worse, a telemarketer. So, take your time asking for that sort of information; you don’t want to scare off prospective dates. Just like if someone asks you the same information right off the bat – you are not going to go there.
If there are several profiles you are responding to, create a template for yourself but include what drew you to their profile. Keep a track of the people you’ve contacted and if someone does not respond to you, move on! Again, if someone asks for too much personal information from the start – hopefully a red flag will go up. Don’t be too eager to answer someone’s questions. Just like you’re not going to ask too much from the start – right?
While you’re at it, stay away from topics like your last failed relationship and how everyone dating online are “game players, liars, and cheats.” While misery may love company, it only makes you sound a little bitter.
“Hi. You look hot. You look sexy.” Okay, unless you are just looking for sex and person’s ad states they only want sex with NSA (No Strings Attached), responding to an ad like this can easily be misread. Responding to someone’s ad with a sexual overtone, can lead to trouble. Even on “Adult Content” sites you may want to be more creative – but not so suggestive.
If someone sent you a novella in response to your profile, you might take offense – so sending out the history of the world written by you is not recommended.
And most of all – DO NOT use,  “God, I hate online dating.” If you are searching for a potential partner online – why would you say you hate what you are doing? Besides that, you are telling the potential suitor that you hate what THEY are doing as well. So, unless you WANT some to think you are negative, desperate or a psycho, it’s best to stay away from that one.
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