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Signs He is Bad For You

signs he is bad for you

There are many signs and indicators that will allow you to see if someone is bad for you. When shopping for a new home we have to enter a prospective new home and begin to picture how our furniture and other items would fit into that home. We make mental changes in our heads to see how…

NO Relationship is Better than a BAD Relationship

no relationship better than bad relationship

There are times when no relationship is lots better than being in a bad relationship. “Why am I not in a relationship?” You ask yourself this question. Your girlfriends ask themselves this question. You ask your girlfriends this question and they ask you this question. Women all over the world ask themselves, and each other,…

Bad Boy Attraction is Not Good For You

bad boy attraction is not good for you

Why are women so attracted to a bad boy? You take one look at him and know HE IS TROUBLE. You wouldn’t even begin to entertain the idea that he can be faithful. Forget about being mushy, this guy is too busy being a bad boy. So what is the attraction? Why do we find…