Age Differences in Relationships

Age differences in relationships don’t necessarily mean a couple is not a good match. Some people find themselves more compatible with people who are either much older or younger than they are. If you are choosing people to have relationships based on their age, you may find yourself making bad choices. For instance, some older men want much younger women but are not actually compatible with them. Sure, they enjoy their youthful beauty and energy but that doesn’t mean they have similar interests and goals.

“Love has no age, no limit, and no death.” – John Galsworthy

Age Differences in Relationships

Age Differences in Relationships

Age alone should not be a top criteria when choosing the right companion. Age differences won’t make a difference in any relationship as long as the couple is truly compatible. Age difference can come into play when you are at different stages in your life. One of you may be ready to settle down, while the other, due to the age difference feels they are too young to settle down just yet. The same thing can happen with wanting to start a family as well. One may fear their time for having children is limited, while the other feels they have all the time in the world.

These differences are not always about age. You can be the exact same age as someone else and be world apart when it comes to maturity, responsibility and goals. The problems people have when there are big age differences are not exclusive to just them. Those same problems arise when there is little or no difference in the couples age.

For example, a man’s children may not accept his much younger girlfriend. The children may refuse to meet her, spend time with her and may even alienate their father simple because of her age. They may express to their father their displeasure about the relationship and it may cause a rift in the family. Another couple that are the same age can find family members not accepting them for different reasons such as religion, financial status, etc. So, family disapproval is not an exclusive problem of relationships with age differences.

Large age differences in couples is not as shocking as it used to be. Many people don’t expect those relationships to last, but is it really the issue of age that ends the relationship? More than likely the couple had less in common than they thought. When entering into a relationship with an age gap discuss honestly what your plans, goals and current lifestyle is. If you are focusing on building your career and your potential mate is planning on retiring there may be a conflict there. They may be looking to slow down, while you are looking to move faster.

Be honest with yourself regarding the age difference between yourself and the one you love. Are you insecure because you are the older one? Do you worry that your age may be a turn off to them? If they have done or said nothing to make you feel that way, then you are the one with the problem. You are the one that needs to accept your age differences and find a way to deal with that insecurity. Age doesn’t have to matter. Why should it? If you have a relationship filled with laughter, love, and mutual respect, who cares how old you are? Always remember that maturity and age are two different things.


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