All Relationships Need Respect

All relationships need respect, do you have it in yours? Do you want your boyfriend or husbands private conversations with you to your girlfriends is showing him respect? I should hope not. Do you think if your boyfriend or husband reveals intimate details about your sex life to his friends he is showing you respect? He isn’t. Do either of you think about each others feelings before you do or say something?

If you don’t, you are not showing each other the respect that is deserved in a relationship.

Do either of you resort to insensitive name-calling or “teasing” and do not acknowledge you are hurting their feelings? Do you justify it by saying “I was only kidding”? Have you stopped doing it, now that you know they do not like it, or do you keep doing it? If you have not stopped, you are disrespecting your partner time and again.

When either of you make decisions that affect you both, do you ask for your partners input, or do you simply decide what is best for you regardless of how they may feel? Do you respect the commitment you made and not allow other people to disrespect it? Do you allow the people in your life to talk or behave to your partner disrespectfully or do you stand up for them? Do they do it for you?

Respect is very important to a relationship and helps the relationship continue to grow and evolve. Disrespect in a relationship causes cracks in the foundation, and eventually it will fall apart. Remember, if you want respect, then be respectful to your partner as well. If they are not respectful towards you, have enough SELF respect to stand up to them or leave them behind. No one can take away your self-respect without your participation.


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