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How Bad is Their Bad Side?

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How bad is your partners bad side? We all have a bad side, no matter how good a person we are. When we have a bad day, are particularly stressed out, or just woke up in a bad mood, our bad side comes out. When we are having an argument, that is when our bad side really comes out. People are often shocked when they see either loved ones bad side. They often say they never saw that side of them before and are taken aback.

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How Bad is Their Bad Side?

When it comes to relationships, there are a few facts people need to get straight. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a bad side. When you first meet and fall in love you shouldn’t see that side of them. You will see them at their best. It often isn’t until the one you love is stressed or there is a fight between you two (or someone else) that you actually see their bad side. So until you see their bad side, you have no idea how bad it really is. Don’t kid yourself and think they don’t have a bad side. Like everyone else, they do.


When you see that side, take note of a few things. That bad side is a part of them. Don’t dismiss it as an off day. That is how they handle stress, confrontations, or arguments. You will see that side of them again. Don’t dismiss it as a one time event. You have seen how they are when things are good. Now, and only now, you know how they are when things are bad. You have seen both sides of them. If you want to be a part of their life and be in a relationship, that is the person you will see when times get tough. That is the person you will have to deal with when crisis arises. This is the person you will have to go through rough times with. Not the side you see when things are bad. You have to accept this is a part of who they are, and a very important part of them. Like we said, you can’t just pick one side.


So exactly how bad is their bad side? Is it something you are able to deal with it? Is it about the same as your bad side? If it is, then there is no real problem. You just have to accept their bad side the same way as they do yours. But if their bad side is verbally, mentally, or physically abusive, you need to leave. Don’t fool yourself that they can keep their bad side at bay. As humans, we can’t. Don’t tell yourself this is not like them and must have been a fluke. You didn’t know the real them until this side came out. You only knew a part of them.


The bad side will come out again, and you will go through what you went through again. They can’t change it on their own, they may be able to only with professional help. We are supposed to stay together in good times and in back. While that is true, that does not mean that you are supposed to put up with over the top behavior. You are supposed to stay together through good times and bad, provided that person doesn’t do too much damage. The good times may be great, but if the bad times are horrific, then your relationship sucks. It is a not a good relationship for the most part. Don’t kid yourself by painting it with pretty colors.


If you have someone who plays mind games, cheats, constantly breaks up with you, or abuses you in any way then their bad side will keep this relationship bad. Actually, it will break it down and make it worse. If their bad side is very destructive and destructive, you need to find out if they can make some positive changes. If they cannot, you may have to leave the relationship altogether.


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