Do You Let Him Get Away With too Much?

Are you letting him get away with too much in your relationship? Are the things you are letting him get away with helping your relationship or hurting it? If the man in your life is not the most punctual person in the world and runs late (but not too late) then letting that slide is not the worst thing in the world. We all have our flaws, and if the flaws are not that big of a deal to you, then let him get away with it.

However, if the things you are letting him get away with are causing him to believe he can get away with anything and everything, it’s time you created some boundaries and rules and begin enforcing them. He should not be able to abuse you in any way, shape or form and get away with it. He should not be able to have affairs and cheat and get away with it. When someone abuses you or cheats on you, they have no respect for you, or the relationship. You lose respect for yourself as well when you let someone get away with something when you know they shouldn’t. When you let him get away with it, even once, the chances of him doing it again go way up.

When you let someone get way with anything, you are basically telling them “You can do this with zero repercussions from me”. Now ask yourself, knowing this, why wouldn’t he do it again? Since he has no fear, he most likely will do it again and you will get hurt again. Without fear of losing you or repercussions of some kind, the chances of him doing it yet again because he thinks he will get away with it again are astronomical.

Do You Let Him Get Away With too Much?

Do You Let Him Get Away With too Much?

If you let a man get away with not committing to you but he can still see you, have sex with you, and you see no one else, fat chance of you ever getting that commitment sister. You let him get away with it without one.

If you let him get away with lying to you over and over and over again, expect him to keep lying to you. If you let him get away with going back and forth between you and his ex (or any other women) again and again, please realize he will continue to be in and out of your life for a long time to come. If you let him get away with taking to long to end another relationship so you can be together exclusively, don’t expect him to end that relationship any time soon, if ever.

If you let him get away with booty calls or friends with benefits situations without giving you more, then don’t expect to get more out of him. What you let him get away with, he is destined now to repeat.


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