Does Your Relationship Have an Expiration Date?

I use the term “milk carton relationships” to describe relationships that come with an expiration date. When you buy milk, there is a date stamped on it that let’s you know that after a certain date your milk will expire. There are some relationships that are just like milk cartons, and have an expiration date on them, even if you do not see it when you enter into it. We may enter into relationships hoping they have the shelf life of Twinkies and will last forever, but the truth is, some relationships are destined to sour.

expiration dates and relationships

Does Your Relationship Have an Expiration Date?

So what kind of relationships are milk carton relationships? Any relationship with an emotionally unavailable man is a milk carton relationship. If the man you are involved with is emotionally unavailable, and you either do not see it or choose not to see it, the relationship has a certain time before it becomes rotten and stinks. We always hope our relationships will grow and flourish, but like a bouquet or freshly cut roses, the first time you see them is as good as it gets. Every day they get uglier and uglier until it is time to throw them away.

An affair is almost always a milk carton relationship. Since there was no closure from their previous relationship, and they are happening simultaneously, there is no real chance for it to grow. Affairs are not relationships that stand alone, there is another relationship preventing them from moving forward. If the man is telling you he will never leave his wife, the expiration date for this relationship should be today. When the woman finally is tired of sharing the man she loves with someone else, and gives up on the idea that maybe he will change his mind and leave his wife, the relationship finally expires.

Booty call relationships and friends with benefits are other examples of a milk carton relationships. Let’s face it, even if both parties want sex with no strings, eventually they will move on and end their arrangement. If one entered into a friends with benefits relationship in the hopes of wanting more, the day it dawns on them that they will never get more is the day it expires. Same thing with booty calls. Once a person realizes they are being used for sex, and will never be given a chance at a real relationship, they will no longer give up the booty.

When shopping for a relationship, do not pick one where the clock is already ticking. Choose wisely, and instead of finding yourself in one rotten relationship after another, you will find yourself with one that has staying power.


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