Emotionless Relationships Don’t Work

Emotionless relationships don’t work. When you are in a relationship with someone who does not show their emotions it is like living with a robot. When you are going through tough times and they see you crying, they don’t think to offer words of comfort or give you a hug. When you are sick they won’t go get you soup, they want to know when you will be feeling better so you can do their laundry.

Romantic gestures and flowery poetic words do not exist in emotionless relationships. You can forget all about that. No matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible to get them to turn their emotions on full blast, if at all. It is very rare that they will open up over time. If you have been with them for a long, long time, what you see is what you get. You may be hoping for the day that you see a different side to them. Doubtful that will ever happen. You could be on your death-bed and still not get the emotional response you were hoping for. It is not a matter of time or strategy. It is not going to take getting married, having children, or getting older. There are just some people who are not capable of showing love, compassion and support emotionally.

You may ask them about their issue of difficulty when it comes to expressing their emotions. You could tell them emotionless relationships are not something you want to be part of. You could tell them specifically the things you need from them. In return you will get a blank stare. Or they will tell you they don’t know what you are talking about. Or they will tell you that you are too needy or clingy. Or they will tell you to stop being a drama queen. Those are the typical responses one gets when bringing up the emotionless relationship problem. If you have been in one yourself, I am sure you heard plenty.

Emotionless Relationships Don't Work

Emotionless Relationships Don’t Work

If you want a relationship where you cuddle on the couch or give each other kisses goodbye or when you walk in the door, this is not the kind of person to get involved in. They will brush you off when you try to be romantic as if they are uncomfortable. The one emotion these types of people are able to display is anger. They can get very angry, and often do. The softer emotions? Nurturing, caring, loving or kind? Nope.

Your relationship may not have started out emotionless. They may have been the most caring, sweet, loveable creature on earth when you started dating. Now they turned into Spock, the Vulcan from Star Trek. What set it off? It could be marriage. It could be children. It could be a traumatic event, it could be anything.

Some, right from the get go show you their robotic lack of emotions. They present a challenge some people find appealing. They will be the one to finally get to their heart. If they just hang in there long enough they will finally open the floodgate of their emotions. Boy is that is huge gamble, because it really rarely happens.

Emotionless relationships really don’t work. Without expression of feelings, the couple drifts further apart until they are almost strangers. It becomes a farce of a relationship because their really is no connection, intimacy or expression of love. Eventually it reaches a breaking point and ends. Don’t be tempted to risk it all on an emotionally devoid person. Relationships need emotional expression to last, and that is why emotionless relationships rarely do.

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