His Family + His Friends = Your Worst Nightmare!

What do you do when your relationship seems to be perfect except for the fact that his family and/or his friends make you miserable? Of course you can’t expect to love everyone in his family, he might not if he wasn’t related to them. His friends can often make you feel as though you are competing with another woman or that someone is out to sabotage your relationship all together. What can be done, if anything?


his family is a nightmare

His Family + His Friends = Worst Nightmare

If you only have to see these people three times a year for the holidays, then for the most part you can just grit your teeth and take one for the team. It sucks, but that’s not so much of a sacrifice on your part if you get to keep the wonderful relationship with the great guy. But what if it has gotten to a place where you feel you are at war with these people? What if they disrespect you, the relationship, treat you like garbage and try to use their relationship with your man to break you up?


Sometimes family members and friends may be subtle about it. They aren’t blatantly disrespectful to you or the relationship, they do it subtlety and manipulatively. They do it again and again until you either say something to them or the man in your life. They will then get defensive, and put a spin on it to make you look as though there is something wrong with you. (Of course they will have to point that out to your man, and he may even side with them). Families and friends have their own dynamics, and for whatever the reason, they may decide to cause friction in your relationship.

Don’t keep seething about it and allow yourself to get to the point where you blow up in front of them. They will never forget it, and it will be something you never live down. The first thing you must do is figure out exactly what their agenda is, and then just make sure you don’t let them get what they want.
Try not to come from an emotional place, but one of logic and strategy. Emotions will only help them win the game they are playing against you. Play it smart, otherwise you will find yourself either miserable with the man you love, or completely without him.

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