How the Media Warps Relationship Reality

Sometimes I wonder where people get their ideas about love and relationships. When I got in line at the grocery store I saw many women’s magazines with article titles such as:
1. How to make him love you forever!
2. How to make sure he never cheats!
3. How to make a man commit to you forever!
4. Ways to make any man attracted to you!
5. Sex tips to make him yours!
6. Best ways to make him fall in love with you!

Those were a few. I had wished I had lighter fluid and a lighter in my cart. This is what relationship articles are being written for women? Do women actually believe there is a tip to make him fall in love with you? Are you kidding me here? What mindless, senseless, illogical NONSENSE this all is. Between the pictures being airbrushed or photo-shopped, the content is just as fake….

How the Media Warps Relationship Reality

How the Media Warps Relationship Reality

Now let’s take shows like The Bachelor. Women on television crying about the man they “love” who they barely know, barely spent time with, who is cavorting around with tons of other chicks. REALLY? Seriously? REALLY? Are we supposed to believe instant relationships, while competing with other women for a man’s love at the same time, is going to lead to a successful marriage? The track record of that show pretty much proves the answer is NO.

Now take soap operas. These characters have one true love, yet something as simple as overhearing the wrong part of a conversation ends the relationship for months, if not years. Then the audience waits anxiously, forever and a day, for them to get back together after the truth is revealed. Is that why women often think love conquers all? That all true love has more drama than daytime television and they should stick it out? That no matter how badly someone treats you that you should wait around because it must be meant to be and there is some good excuse for it?

Don’t even get me started on the “Flavor of Love” or the Brett Michaels nightmare of a dating show on VH1. Let’s just leave those as obvious as they are and thank goodness they were cancelled. The Real Housewives of “wherever” is sickening too. Is this how real women back stab one another and have to viciously fight like cats and dogs? If it is, then women should be ashamed of themselves if this is the best they can do to one another, especially their friends. I see all this stuff about “stop bullying” in the media, yet every reality show has a bully. These bullies become popular, and wind up celebrities and are financially rewarded. So, let me get this straight, when adults are bullies it is entertaining, yet children shouldn’t do it?

NO ONE SHOULD DO IT. Yet the media thinks it is fine for adults, and so do some people watching television.

Just like the media warps our view of what we should look like, and how much we should weigh, it also can warp how we think we should act and behave. It is time we tell the media that our dysfunctional relationship with them is over, and they can take the Kardashians with them.


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