How to Tell if Someone is Lying to You

Can you tell if someone is lying to you? No one wants to be lied to. Sometimes liars are easier to spot than others. Sometimes we have a “funny feeling” someone is lying to us, and sometimes we are totally clueless and believe every thing they say.

What are some good ways to tell someone is lying to you?

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How to Tell if Someone is Lying to You

1. Vagueness. When someone does not give you normal details there is a good chance they are not being entirely truthful. For instance, if your husband normally tells you daily what restaurant he went to at lunch and what he ate but suddenly does stops bringing it up, ask him where he went for lunch. If he has to think about it, and seems to not want to discuss it further, it is time to get suspicious. He very well may be lying and keeping a secret from you that has nothing to do with food.

2. Rambling. If they are giving you way too much information than is called for, check and see if their nose is growing like Pinocchio, because in many cases, it should be.

3. They won’t look you in the eye. Avoiding eye contact can be a tell-tale sign that they are lying.

4. Body language. Are their feet tapping out of control? Are their arms crossed in a way that they look like they are giving themselves a hug? Are they turning their back on you while talking to you? Are they saying “No” but nodding their head “Yes”? These are some really good “tells” that they are lying to you.

5. Sweating or flushing. Are they sweating when they shouldn’t be? Did their face suddenly flush bright red? These are big lying “red flags”.

6. Is it taking them forever to tell you their “story”? Have they had to stop and re-start several times?

7. Are they overly sensitive and defensive? This can be their fear or guilt coming out.

Using these signs, and looking for changes in behavior or speech and you should be able to catch on pretty quickly when someone is lying to you.


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