Is He Leading You On or Did You Follow Blindly?

We have all heard from or been someone who may have felt someone may be leading you on. The question is though, is he REALLY leading you on or are you following him with your blinders on?


Sure, he MAY have insinuated he cares for you and about you. He may also have promised or alluded to wanting the same things that you do out of a relationship, or what he is looking for in a relationship. The thing is though, if his actions and words are not supporting one another, why are you not seeing it?Are you leading yourself on by only seeing what you want to and ignoring or excusing the rest?


If he or she wants a relationship with you, why are you not IN ONE? Is there really a good excuse not to be in one? No. And, should you find that one excuse, why are you excusing it in the first place? If there is an excuse, excuse YOURSELF and get the hell out of there.


If he or she says they want only you, why don’t you have a commitment yet? If you don’t have a commitment, then they really don’t want only you. Take off the blinders and see the truth in situations. You need see things clearly, not how you want to see them or how you want them to be. If you are hungry, you eat. If you are thirsty, you drink. If you have to pee, you find a restroom. If someone REALLY wants a relationship, to settle down, to be monogamous, to give a relationship a chance or to love someone, then when they find the opportunity, they take it. They don’t sabotage it or make excuses not to have it.


If someone talks the talk and walks the walk then suddenly changes their mind out of nowhere, then you can be angry for being led on. If someone sends you mixed signals, mixed messages, and says one thing and does another, you can’t. They were not leading you on, you allowed yourself to believe what you wanted to and ignore the facts.


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