Is Your Man Emotionally Unavailable?

Many women have heard the term “emotionally unavailable” and were not sure what that really means. Was this yet another cute catch phrase/label or another excuse/reason we give to a man to explain why our relationships are off-balance? We are all human, and all humans have the ability to feel emotions, so WTF is an emotionally unavailable man? If a man cannot love anyone on earth, then I would call him emotionally unavailable. If he is emotionally involved with someone else, but not available to you emotionally, then he IS emotionally available, just not to you. And who is to say that if he was not emotionally involved with someone else, that he would be emotionally available to you anyway? Emotions, such as love, are not dictated by logic. You could be attractive, smart, funny, loving, the whole nine yards, but that does not mean that everyone will fall in love with you.

No one knows exactly why people fall in love or become emotionally invested with their partners. There is no secret formula for getting all men to fall in love with you. So does that mean that every guy who won’t fall for you is emotionally unavailable? No. So where does the term “emotionally unavailable” come in to play?

Is Your Man Emotionally Unavailable?

Is Your Man Emotionally Unavailable?

I guess if a man you have feelings for does not have those same feelings for you, we could say he is emotionally unavailable to you. That does not mean he won’t be emotionally available to someone else though. If a man is looking for booty calls and one night stands and goes out of his way to avoid getting close to a woman because he does not want a relationship, then you should consider this guy as emotionally unavailable. But couldn’t you just call him a player? Yup.

If you are head over heels in love with a man who will not express feelings for you in words or actions you could say he is emotionally unavailable to you. You could also say there is a chance he just doesn’t feel for you the way you feel for him, or that he has issues expressing his emotions.

If you are in a relationship with someone in the throes of an addiction, you could say they are emotionally unavailable. You could also say they are an addict, and that you cannot have a sane relationship with an addict because their addictions will always come before you.

If a man says he is confused or unsure about how he feels about you, and you never know where you stand with him from one day to the next, you could consider him emotionally unavailable. You could also consider him a flake.(And probably playing a game as well).

There are many types of emotionally unavailable men out there, and the bottom line seems to that you should not get emotionally invested in any of them. Why give your heart to someone who has nothing to offer you in return except heartache?


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