Is Your Relationship Testing You?

Is you relationship testing you in almost every way possible? Do you wish the tests would finally come to an end? Do you wonder if this testing will ever be over? Do you wonder why you keep being tested over and over again in your relationship? Could it be that you only think you are passing the tests in your relationships? Could it be that you are actually failing and that is why the testing continues? There is a saying that until we learn a lesson, it keeps repeating until we do.


Is Your Relationship Testing You?

Is Your Relationship Testing You?

Start by looking at the bigger picture. Your goal is to have a positive, stress free relationship that grows healthier over time. That is your long-term goal. In order to reach that goal, you need to work towards that goal every day. You will discover your partner may continue testing you during that time. It is how you handle that constant testing in your relationship that determines if you reach your long-term relationship goals. You may think you are passing, when in fact you are actually failing. Too many people think that what they are doing presently will ensure them a better relationship in the future. They don’t realize they are headed for a disastrous relationship down the line.


Let’s say you are in a relationship with someone who picks fights for no reason. These little ridiculous squabbles become huge issues. Your partner blows things way out of proportion and may even cause unnecessary break ups. Your partner is testing you to see if you will allow unfair and detrimental behavior to exist (and get worse) in your relationship. Meanwhile, you are being called by your self-esteem and self-worth to find your inner strength and end a relationship that makes you unhappy and miserable.


If this has happened to you over and over again then you passed your partners tests and failed the one needed for your own personal growth. So now do you wonder why this testing is happening over and over again? You are passing the wrong test. You are getting an A+ in dysfunctional relationships. You are getting an F in healthy relationships. You will keep being tested until you learn. The testing will get harder, not easier, each time.


So when will you finally learn your lesson? Have you had enough of failing? Are you ready to ace your relationship exam? If you are, the time has come for you to focus on the big picture, and understand why you are being called to examine and re-examine your relationship skills. Your partner has a lot to learn as well. How can either of you expect to have a great long-term relationship if neither of you are passing the tests you need to? It has to start with you. You need to take a serious look at how you are achieving your relationship goals, instead of being so concerned with your partners dysfunctional testing methods.


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