Love Doesn’t Make Bad Relationships, Insecurities Do

Love doesn’t make bad relationships, insecurities do. You may not have started out insecure in your relationship, but more often than not that is the reason your relationship has turned into a complete mess. Stop using love as an excuse. Loving someone else is no excuse for letting them treat you badly, and allowing someone to treat you badly.

Love starts with you. You have to love yourself first in order to create a loving relationship with someone else. It hurts when someone you feel love towards treats you horribly. It is time you give your love to someone else instead of continuing to pour it on someone who only uses it against you. At a certain point what you are chasing isn’t really love. You are chasing someone who doesn’t love you and trying to change their feelings for you. You can blame it on your love for them that won’t let you leave a one-sided relationship like this.

Love Doesn't Make Bad Relationships, Insecurities Do

Love Doesn’t Make Bad Relationships, Insecurities Do

But is it really about you loving them so much or your commitment to chasing the wrong person for you? Love is not something that you can force, no matter how well you treat them. They either love you or they don’t. But some people feel it is just a matter of time, and that if they just keep up being loving some day the object of their affection will feel the same way. Wrong. Doesn’t work that way.

So how did your relationship get so bad? Look back on its progression. How many times did the one you profess to love do something or say something out of line? THAT was your chance to make the relationship better. Did your fear of losing them (which stems from insecurity) keep you from doing what you needed to do? Insecurities can make us feel that if we hold someone we love to a high standard they will leave. So, we lower our standards.

How can we not expect a sub-standard relationship if we keep doing that? That is all you can expect, and why relationships with problems that are not properly addressed get worse and worse. You can claim all the things you do and put up with are because you love someone so much. You are only lying to yourself. It isn’t love that is causing you to behave that way, it is your insecurities.

You want to act weak, then be prepared to have weaknesses in your relationship. It may sound romantic to say love makes you weak, when it truth real love makes you strong as hell. Real love between two people can created a healthy relationship with a strong foundation. Relationships riddled with insecurities have no foundation to build upon. They are rocky, tumultuous, and are destined to crumble.

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  1. Yes, insecurities can cause more issues in the relationship. It can also lead to infidelity if not quickly taken care of.

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