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Making Excuses to Contact an Ex

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Do you want to contact an ex when things are over? After a break-up most of you wonder if you will speak with or see your ex again. You wonder what he is doing and want to know what he is up to. You want to know if he misses you, thinks about you, or wants to get back together with you. You think he has not contacted you because he is already involved with someone new.

Should you Contact an Ex

Making Excuses to Contact an Ex

Instead of coming right out and asking him these questions, many people make up excuses to contact an ex. If your ex has passed the third grade he should be able to see right through your lame excuse to initiate communication with him. Sure, you want to hear his voice and find out information about what is going on in his life, but what you really want you won’t get, because you are not upfront with him about the reasons you are calling him.

On the other hand, your ex may be contacting you with lame excuses. What do you think he really wants? He does not really need to know if you got your brakes changed, found their pair of old socks, or had a good weekend. Obviously he does not have closure and will not get it either by having inane conversations with you about nothing important. Exactly why are you both making excuses to contact one another?

If it is over, there is no need for further contact. If you really don’t want to talk to someone ever again and have nothing to say, you don’t contact them. If it is over, you should have closure and there is nothing left to talk about. So let’s be real folks and cut the crap — you are not fooling anyone. You are playing games. Could that be the reason your relationship ended? Is that why you guys broke up? Instead of making contact to apologize for your behavior and ask if he will consider giving you another chance you ask him how he liked last night’s episode of *insert t.v. show*?

Did you smother your ex and now that it is over still cannot leave him alone? Do you think that will make him want you back? Maybe if we were more honest in our communications and more upfront rather than beating around the bush we wouldn’t have the problems that caused the actual break up. Almost everyone I have spoken to that has made excuses to contact an ex professes how much they don’t like people who play games, yet they are playing games. Stop with the games, stop with the excuses, and be open, honest and real or don’t make contact at all.


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  1. Jenny

    July 12, 2015 at 9:50 am

    I used to do this, and it never turned out well. It was usually at night.

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